Application for District Governor

Dear Past Presidents of Rotary,

It is that time of year to consider the opportunity to apply to be District Governor. The year 2014-2015 will be an especially crucial one and this is why. Mark, Ken, and I have been very invested in the changes at Rotary International that will align our district with the new RI Strategic Plan. I took on the area of Strengthening Clubs with the Vision program for clubs as well as developing a three year Strategic Plan for our district. Mark has already been planning and has some great ideas for Enhancing Public Image. Ken and Mark both are getting our district prepared for the Future Vision Plan. The next governor will need to be the person who brings it all together and then establishes a new three year Strategic Plan.

The role is essentially a four year commitment. Although you would not take over as governor until July 2014, you would work closely with the team of governors in running the district. Our team model has been working extremely well. We also have done two other things to make the governor’s job more manageable. We are utilizing a new District Structure which allows chairs to report to directors and not straight to the governor; therefore, you would not have 56 people reporting directly to you. We are also in the process of designing operating procedures especially in the area of finance which will help in many ways.

The major portion of work will be January 2014 through December 2014. You will train your team of leaders including your District Leadership Team and your Club Presidents before you take over July 1, so the whole year of 2014 will be the major work.

The joy of the friendships you will develop and the knowledge that you are facilitating a group of people whose main goal is doing good for those less fortunate than we are totally outweigh the hours and money you will put into this volunteer role.

Requirements are that you have been a past president, have been in Rotary for at least seven years, and you are a member in good standing. Applications are on the website and they are due on January 15. You will need to get your club’s endorsement on the application. So please consider applying soon.

I encourage each one of you to reach within to see if your heart tells you to apply and your mind agrees.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Rita Esterly
Governor 2011-2012