Rotary Reunion: A Capitol Idea – October 21-22

Rita Esterly District Governor

District 6080 Conference Rotary Reunion: A Capitol Idea October 21-22 Capitol Plaza Hotel 415 W. McCarty St. Jefferson City, MO 65101 Registration is now available on DaCdb or download a paper version. The District Conference now called the Rotary Reunion is a gathering of Rotarians from around the district for fun, networking, and learning about the programs and service of Rotary. Everyone is invited. Participants will learn best practices for clubs to gain and retain members, will be involved on a district level service project, will tour the Supreme Court Building and the Missouri State Penitentiary, will hear valuable knowledge about Public Image, and will have fun while meeting other Rotarians from around the district. A full agenda can be found on the DaCdb Calendar. Friday will focus on service and a tour of the Missouri Supreme Court by Missouri Supreme Court Judge Mary Russell. The Banquet Friday evening will show case your past president who worked hard to make your club outstanding during the 2010-2011 Rotary year. A Texas Holdem Tournament and Black Jack will be the fund raisers that evening with proceeds going to Polio Plus and the District Panama Project. Saturday will focus on best practices for Rotary clubs, Foundation information, Train the club Trainer, introduction of the GSE team from Italy, GSE team recap from touring Australia, and New Generations. Tours of the Capitol and the Missouri Penitentiary will be available. Your current president for 2011-2012 will be formally introduced in a spotlight ceremony at the Banquet. Later, a Trivia Night …

Membership Development Files

Denise Kinard Membership

Below you can download a number of files, PowerPoint presentations compiled for your use on the subject of membership. click on the required file to download. 001This is Rotary_EN08.pdf Size: 6.3 MB 019 RI Catalog EN10.pdf Size: 4.8 MB 226B_Club Membership Committee Manual_EN09.pdf Size: 1.9 MB 242 District Membership Seminar PowerPoint Slides EN09.ppt Size: 1.3 MB 245 Club Leadership Plan_EN07.pdf Size: 1.9 MB 250 Leadership Development_ EN08.pdf Size: 1.6 MB 257 Effective Public Relations_EN07.pdf Size: 416 KB 414 New Member Orientation_EN08.pdf Size: 288 KB 416 Smaller Club Growth Award_EN07.pdf Size: 96 KB 242 District Membership Seminar Leaders Guide EN 09.pdf Size: 1.1 MB ~Membership Resources – CD Contents_1011_EN.pdf Size: 49 KB 419 What’s Rotary_EN08.pdf Size: 192 KB 421 Membership Development Initiatives DG Form_08.pdf Size: 160 KB 254 How to Propose a New Member EN09.pdf Size: 682 KB 595 Rotary Basics 10.pdf Size: 1.8 MB 605A Communities in Action_A Guide to Effective Projects.pdf Size: 2.7 MB 605B A Menu of Service Opportunities_EN06.pdf Size: 832 KB 417 Club Assessment Tools_08EN.pdf Size: 878 KB 613-614 Start with Rotary order form flier.pdf Size: 5.0 MB 640 RI Web Leads program_DG_EN08.pdf Size: 576 KB 641 RI Web Leads program_Clubs_ EN08.pdf Size: 576 KB 422 Membership Development Initiatives Club Form_08.pdf Size: 224 KB 901 MDEA Certificate program_EN08.pdf Size: 256 KB 417 Membership Development Resource Guide_EN08.pdf Size: 3.4 MB Membership Bubbles Logo.jpg Size: 32 KB 605C Community Assessment Tools_EN06.pdf Size: 704 KB Membership Resource List.pdf Size: 2.0 MB New Member Bulletin_EN10.pdf Size: 926 KB Reach One Keep One Membership Slogan.jpg Size: 35 KB 808 Organizing New Clubs_10.pdf Size: 2.2 MB RI Membership Staff Contact List 2010.pdf Size: 18 KB Spread the Word Poster EN272x420.pdf Size: 128 KB Spread the Word_Ad_full pageEN.pdf Size: 4.1 MB Membership Development Resource Catalog.pdf Size: 1.9 MB What You Need to Know About Rotary E Clubs_EN10.pdf Size: 143 KB 2009 to 2010 Year-end Membership Graphs.pdf Size: 128 KB Retention Resources Flyer_08EN.pdf Size: 444 KB Strategic_Planning_Guide_EN.pdf Size: 178 KB Download complete library

How are your club’s press releases coming???

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Hi, I’m just checking to see if our clubs in District 6080 are getting the exposure they need by sending out those press releases. By now you should have already sent pictures and news articles out to the press regarding your installation of Presidents and Board Members of each of your clubs. What other things can you get out there….well, how about a big push regarding your projects that you are working on. You need to include: who, what, where and why! Start a notebook with press releases and information that you have used in the past to create a future that brings in our next generation!!!! As always, if you need assistance or some good ideas..please give me a call at 660-221-5714 or via email at Please let me hear from you..and ideas you have might help another club. Have a wonderful week!

August 2011 Newsletter

Rita Esterly District Governor, District Governor Newsletters

Membership and Extension By: Kara Johnson, Assistant District Governor, Marshfield Club This month’s article is focused on Membership and Extension.  How does Rotary’s International Strategic Plan and District 6080’s annual goals fit into each individual club’s goals? A strong, solid and diverse membership helps us accomplish the goals set forth on both the International and District Level. All aspects of Rotary depend on our members.  Part of the Strategic Plan is to Support and Strengthen Clubs by fostering club innovation and flexibility; promoting membership diversity; improving member recruitment and retention; developing leaders; starting new, dynamic clubs; and encouraging strategic planning at club and district levels. Our district has two specific goals which help promote and meet the Rotary International Strategic Plan.  One of these goals is that every club will have at least 3 members attending the District Conference.  Another is that each club will implement a Club Trainer and Rotary Training Program to educate members about Rotary and to increase leader participation at the district level.  Developing solid members not only increases commitment and growth for each individual club, but also develops leaders to work with Rotary on a larger scale.  With involvement in District and International, we learn the tools needed for all our clubs to thrive.  One of Rotary International’s Best Practices for a Vibrant Club is keeping all members involved and informed.  We learn through experience and fellowship with each other. So what can your club do to grow your membership and expand more clubs?  Maybe your club will develop a …

Training during 2011 and 2012

Joan Kramer Training

Hello District 6080!!!  The training committee is excited to work with you and your club this year!  Besides myself, we also have Dana Montgomery from Springfield, MO and John Yost,Warrensburg, MO, I am from Jefferson City, MO. Our overall goal this year is to help support clubs by providing information and technology improvements for training events, leadership development, service projects and membership growth in Rotary’s values, processes and history.  You can reach me best by e-mail at If you have questions about developing the Club Trainer position within your club please let us know!  Every club in the district should appoint a club trainer.  We can help you attain that goal.  Have a great year!

District 2120 – 2011 GSE Team Visit

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District 2120 is making its final selections of their GSE Team to our district. At this time I do not have details regarding their names and vocations, although I do know that they will have 2 female and 2 male team members. I will send this information as soon as it becomes available. Please review the tentative 2 page overview of the incoming schedule. Please note that we will have them arrive and depart from St. Louis this year. We are making a loop from: St. Louis to South Central Area (4 nights), to Rolla/Pulaski County/Salem areas (3 nights), to Springfield/Branson/Bolivar areas (5 nights), to Warrensburg/Sedalia areas (3 nights), to South KC area (3 nights), to Lake area (4 nights), to Columbia/North Central areas (4 nights), to Jefferson City (2 nights) —District Conference— to St Louis for departure At this time we will need names of host families for your area and a general outline of your activities. As a result of the feedback we have recieved from previous inbound teams we are making the following recommendations: a) Please consolidate RC meetings so there is one Rotary club meeting with a GSE presentation; and allow for some informal experiences with members of a Rotary club. Many of you have done this in the past. b) Please pair up team members with someone of their vocation for a 1/2 day vocation specific experience c) Allow some time in the schedule for the team to spend time with their host families and try not to overbook a …

Start planning an event around World Polio Day, 24 October

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Many people are unfamiliar with Rotary’s polio eradication efforts — or that polio even still exists. Get the word out that if we don’t eradicate polio now, the risk of deadly and crippling polio outbreaks will continue to threaten the world’s children.

Great Visit at Springfield Southeast Club

Rita Esterly District Governor

I stopped by the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast’s Annual Shrimp Feed/Fireside Chat on Thursday, July 14. Not only was the shrimp gigantic, the ideas flowing from the Fireside Chat were enormous. What a great model for the success of a very large club. If Springfield Southeast Rotary was an arrow, it would hit the bull’s-eye. Your club is certainly on target with Rotary. [boxedtitle] Event Photos [/boxedtitle] [gall columns=”4″ per_page=”12″ id=””]


Rita Esterly District Governor

A Bulletin for Rotary Clubs and Districts in the USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands What follows is not tax advice, but general information, which may be useful.  Questions regarding any tax matters need to be referred to local counsel, your tax adviser or to the IRS. ( or 1-800-829-1040)  General questions about this bulletin can be answered by your Club and District Support representative On 13 May 1958, the Internal Revenue Service declared that Rotary International (RI) and its clubs and districts are entitled to exemption from federal income tax underSection 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  While Rotary districts and clubs are exempt from paying federal income tax, the law does require Rotary clubs and districts to file an annual information return on IRS Form 990, on or before the 15th day of the 5th month following the close of the annual accounting period (15 November). Certain organizations, other than private foundations, that do not normally receive more than $25,000 in gross receipts in each taxable year are not required to file Form 990. Clubs or districts with gross receipts of $25,000 or less are required to file Form 990-N, which is an electronic e-Postcard report. This report is required annually.  Failure to meet the annual filing requirement for three consecutive years will result in revocation of the tax-exempt status of the club or district in question.  To learn more about this requirement, and to obtain the necessary e-Postcard report form, visit the US Treasury website at:, or call their toll-free number: (877) 829-5500. Numbers:  RI’s Group Exemption Number (referred to as “GEN” on Form …

Humanitarian Service

Rita Esterly District Governor

The two part harmony of the topic for July focuses on our humanitarian service component of the mission of Rotary. Through our service projects we start with our own communities and then extend our reach by serving the world. How does this topic help us to grow as a vibrant club? Let’s look at the three components of the Rotary International Strategic plan and see how focusing on this topic in July can help us grow in these three areas. First, we can Strengthen our Club because when we engage in a project in our local community or in another country, we give our members something that is meaningful with which to participate and thus retain enthusiastic members. Because we need someone to lead the project, we develop leaders. As we work in the community, we are given the opportunity to interact with others so people know the service Rotary does and make connections by networking. Action: Choose one of the five avenues of service (club, vocational, community, international, new generations) and ask a group of new Rotarians from your club to develop a service project focused around that area. Second, when we work to build communities and bridge continents, we have the opportunity to increase Rotary’s Public Image. When stories of good works are published in the newspaper, broadcasted on radio, written on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, or shouted on blogs, we are letting like minded people know that we can give them the opportunity to serve if they join our Rotary group. Action: …

Choose to Embrace a New Belief

Rita Esterly District Governor

Kalyan Banerjee’s theme for 2011-2012 asks us to Reach Within to Embrace Humanity. Embracing means to welcome and take advantage of something eagerly like embracing an opportunity. The embrace I want to discuss is the one in which you adopt or take up something such as a new belief or way of doing things. When we believe something, we usually act on that belief. Let me explain. Your thought creates an avenue from which to act. When you believe that work should be done before play. When you believe that work should be done before play, you study before going to the movies or you do chores before you watch television. When you believe smoking causes lung cancer or breathing problems, you either never start smoking or you do your best to quit. When you believe that an education gives you better job opportunities, you go to college or take technical training. Your belief causes you to take action. A belief can begin to create of new way of doing things. Let’s take the smoking issue. When you want your life to be smoke free, you ask for seating in a non-smoking section of a restaurant. You ask guests in your home to please smoke outside. If in the past you went to places socially where smoke filled the room, you may start to choose to go to places where it is smoke free. If you smoked before and had a hard time exercising, you might take up exercising four times a week, starting slowly …

Polio Eradication

Rita Esterly District Governor

Please consider a contribution to Rotary’s $200 Million challenge.  To date Rotary has responded by Rotarian gifts of $173.2 million dollars.  The Challenge will be completed on June 30, 2012.  Your contribution through Rotary will help ensure that we do our part to successfully complete the Challenge to eradicate polio.

New Directions Director

Anne Weller Youth Service

New Directions Director is a new position for our district that will work with the Chairs of Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Rotaract, Interact, and the Youth Protection Officer. District 6080 will welcome 17 inbound students and will send 19 outbound students for a year of learning, growing and changing. Each Rotarian plays a role in the experience these students have here or in another country. This year’s inbounds left in June as our students returned. I hope you enjoy hearing about their experiences. Stay in touch with these young men and women–you make a difference! RYLA In June, another successful Rotary Youth Leadership Awards was held at William Woods University. Ninety nine students spent three and a half days building leadership skills, making new friends, and preparing to make a difference . These students will be returning to the sponsoring clubs to talk about their experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know them better-they are future leaders. Rotaract Rotaract for young professionals will possibly be adding a new Rotaract in Warrensburg. Interact Interact (Rotary for high school students) a possible new club is being formed in Columbia at Rock Bridge High School. More later. The Youth Protection Officer is the keeper of all the legal paperwork required for our exchanges and assures that our young people are safe and well taken care of while in our programs.