To win the Governor’s Citation, a club must satisfy one of the options in the area of Membership, one of the options pertaining to the Rotary Foundation, and meet the Service requirement.


A net gain of 2 members for clubs of 50 members or less between July 1, 2017 and July 1, 2018; a net gain of 3 members for clubs of 51-100 members; a net gain of 4 members for clubs for 101+ members.


  1. A club gives at least $125 per capita to the Annual Fund in 2017-18, OR
  2. A club that gave $80 or ore per capita in 2016-17, but increases its giving per capita to the Annual Fund by 20% in 2017-18, OR
  3. A club gives $100 per capita or more to the Annual Fund and Polio Plus and gives $150 per capita to one or more local charities, schools, and/or non-profits in 2017-18.


A club records that 75% or more of club’s active membership participated in club services projects in 2017-18.

The clubs that achieve all three of these special goals will receive the Governor’s Citation, will be lauded with publicity for the achievement and will receive a check for $500 toward humanitarian project of its choice for the 2018-19 Rotary year.