District 6080 TRF Matching Points Program 2012-2013

Raymond Plue Foundation

District 6080 has made available 200 Foundation Recognition points for each new $800 contribution to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). The matching points program is available to the first 50 donors. To complete the transaction print Rotary Forms 123-EN and 102-EN from rotary.org. Form 123-EN: 1. Complete ‘Donor of Contribution’; 2. Complete ‘Designation /Purpose’, check Annual Fund – SHARE; 3. Complete ‘Contribution Details’, check or credit card; 4. Complete ‘Shipping Information’; 5. Complete ‘Individual Completing This Form’. Form 102-EN: 1. Complete ‘Recipient of Recognition’; 2. ‘Transfer Recognition Points’, leave blank, to be completed by District 6080; 3. ‘Shipping Information’, complete as before or leave blank; 4. Complete ‘Individual Completing This Form’. Mail both forms together with your check, if paying by check, to Raymond E. Plue, District Rotary Foundation Chair 2805 Butternut Ct. Columbia, MO 65201-3538.