Membership Development

Are They Satisfied Rotarians

Rotary District 6080 Membership Targets and Resources

Our goal is to have healthy Rotary Clubs that are active and attractive to our customers.

In District 6080 we are taking these words to heart and focusing on increasing the value perspective of our members. We have asked you to consider this blueprint for success (Membership toolkit and Membership Growth Opportunities):

Please consider each of the targets listed below and convey if each has (or has not) been met. Clubs will:

____ Met ____ Not Met Review and roll out the Membership Growth Opportunities Program

Increase members (Focus on “value matching” potential members not just adding numbers). Achieve the next 4 for Presidential Citation):

____ Met ____ Not Met Verify that all membership data reported through My Rotary or your data integration service provider is accurate by checking Club Central.

____ Met ____ Not Met Net gain of 1 (if 1- 49 members), 2 if (50-99 members), 3 if (100-149 members), 4 if (150-199 members), 5 if (200-249 members)

____ Met ____ Not Met Clubs up to 50 members will induct 2 new members under age 40 (clubs of 51 or more will induct 2 new members under 40). The new members must create profiles on My Rotary.

____ Met ____ Not Met Improve the member retention rate by at least 1% from last year, or maintain 100 % retention.

____ Met ____ Not Met Add 1 female (if under 49 member), 2 if (50 or above) “target for women =25%”

____ Met ____ Not Met Increase member sponsors by 1

____ Met ____ Not Met Complete Membership Survey (See Membership Survey 2016)

____ Met ____ Not Met Complete Membership Assessment ( See 1- Year Club Membership Development Plan)

____ Met ____ Not Met Complete a Club Visioning Event (within the last 3 years) ( contact Brenda Hewitt (

____ Met ____ Not Met Have a functional Membership Committee (utilize “www ” comprehensive resource toolkit) (Be sure your membership chair is in DACdb

____ Met ____ Not Met Utilize Rotary Club Central (Be sure every member knows how to find Rotary Club Central)

____ Met ____ Not Met Utilize Rotary Zone Webinars

____ Met ____ Not Met Consider chartering 1 new club

____ Met ____ Not Met Be sure all your members are in My Rotary (Increase use by at least 50%) Sign-in

____ Met ____ Not Met We have develop a strategy for each of the targets listed above.

By focusing our efforts on a certain time period and with common targets, we will be able to help strengthen our existing clubs and offer avenues of success to those needing assistance. As always, If I can assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The focus of the Assistant Governors (AG) and Presidents will be on the completion of the Presidential Citation. If you need assistance, please contact you AG.

Help build an even stronger organization, on the solid foundations of “Rotary Serving Humanity ”.

Yours in Rotary Service,
Edward Lee Spain