Missouri Rotary Disaster Coordinating Information

Disasters can strike at any time. District 6080 Rotarians remember the disasters which hit Joplin, Sedalia, and Branson. We have seen and experienced first hand what a disaster can do. Therefore, a Rotary District Disaster Coordinating Committee (DDCC) was established in 2012 to coordinate Rotarian efforts to volunteer and to give contributions in the wake of a disaster.


Donate Online

To contribute on line with a credit card, go to: www.cfcmfoundation.org. At the top right you will see a Donate Now button. Click and follow the link to the Rotary logo.

Donate By Check

Make check payable to:
Missouri Rotary Emergency Relief Fund

Send your tax deductible contribution to:
Community Foundation of Central Missouri.
P.O. Box 6015
Columbia, MO 65205-6015

Volunteer Service

When a disaster hits, Rotarians feel an immediate desire to volunteer to help, but are not always sure how, when, or where to do so. The DDCC was established to assist in the coordination of volunteers during a disaster. The Rotary District 6080 website has a link that Rotarians can visit to get up to date information on how to volunteer. The webpage will serve as the networking tool to keep Rotarians informed about what is happening, who to contact, and what efforts are being coordinated. Organized workdays and the appropriate contact person will be posted on the site so that Rotarians can join the effort.

Primary Contact:

When there is an event that requires this committees action, the primary contact for the effort will be posted here.

Events Scheduled:

When there is an event that requires this committees action, any events scheduled as a part of the effort will be posted here.

District Disaster Personnel

The District appointed a Disaster Coordinator and five area coordinators to help in times of disaster. The Disaster Area Coordinator is responsible for contacting each of the club presidents in the affected area. Any information regarding the needs of the clubs in the disaster area will be relayed to the District Disaster Coordinator and the webmaster so that information can be dispersed district wide in a quick timeframe. Disaster Area Coordinators serve a three year term and report to the District Disaster Coordinator. If you would like your area coordinator to present a program with a PowerPoint to your club, check the website to determine which coordinator is assigned to your club and e-mail your request.

District Disaster Coordinator
John Hanson

Disaster Area Coordinator—West
Jack Wetzel

Disaster Area Coordinator—Central
Warren Solomon

Disaster Area Coordinator—North
Kerrie Bloss

Disaster Area Coordinator—Southwest
Doug Kissenger

Disaster Area Coordinator—Southeast
Susan Courter