August 2011 Newsletter

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Membership and Extension

By: Kara Johnson, Assistant District Governor, Marshfield Club

This month’s article is focused on Membership and Extension.  How does Rotary’s International Strategic Plan and District 6080’s annual goals fit into each individual club’s goals? A strong, solid and diverse membership helps us accomplish the goals set forth on both the International and District Level. All aspects of Rotary depend on our members.  Part of the Strategic Plan is to Support and Strengthen Clubs by fostering club innovation and flexibility; promoting membership diversity; improving member recruitment and retention; developing leaders; starting new, dynamic clubs; and encouraging strategic planning at club and district levels.

Our district has two specific goals which help promote and meet the Rotary International Strategic Plan.  One of these goals is that every club will have at least 3 members attending the District Conference.  Another is that each club will implement a Club Trainer and Rotary Training Program to educate members about Rotary and to increase leader participation at the district level.  Developing solid members not only increases commitment and growth for each individual club, but also develops leaders to work with Rotary on a larger scale.  With involvement in District and International, we learn the tools needed for all our clubs to thrive.  One of Rotary International’s Best Practices for a Vibrant Club is keeping all members involved and informed.  We learn through experience and fellowship with each other.

So what can your club do to grow your membership and expand more clubs?  Maybe your club will develop a “club within a club” or develop a satellite club.  Getting members involved in committees and service projects will spark their interest and keep them involved throughout.  Educating your members (both new and old) goes along with our District and International goals and having your members involved in the District Conference, nominating a Club Trainer, and developing a Training Program will give your club stronger members and leaders.  Not only will your members be stronger, but the more they are involved the more ownership they will have in the projects and services we provide.  Maybe your club will have a special service project for new members or host a new member orientation breakfast.  Your club may also consider having regular club assemblies to involve all members in planning processes and activities.  The possibilities are endless. Now is the time to educate your members and find out what each of you and your clubs will contribute to your club, our district and Rotary International to continue to thrive and be the best!

Choose to Praise Volunteer

Rita Esterly, District Governor

Do you remember when you were a child and your mother or father gave you a chore to do?  At the time you probably thought it was an imposition.  Actually, you were paid a great compliment.  I read a quote recently that reflected the idea that when someone is given responsibility, it is the highest praise that a person can be given.  In other words, when you give someone responsibility to accomplish a task, you trust their ability.  When you trust their ability, it is as good as praising that person.

So why am I talking about praise?  Two reasons.  First, as a leader, if you keep that idea in your head about responsibility, then it will not be hard for you to ask your fellow Rotarians in your club to assume some committee position or help with a project.  Every time you ask a fellow Rotarian to take responsibility, you are praising that person.  That person has the opportunity to gain self confidence because you believe in him/her.  You need to be unafraid to ask because Rotarians are volunteers who believe in the motto of Service Above Self.

Asking someone to take on responsibility is sometimes difficult because all of us are busy people.  So asking is a fine art.  Remember, when you ask it is a compliment to the other person, so show that person by your words that it is indeed a compliment.  For instance, say you want to appoint a club trainer.  You might say something like the following: “Sally, I am looking for an energetic person who is good at teaching information and who loves learning new things.  We need a club trainer and I believe you would be the perfect person to do the job.  Can I count on you to volunteer for this important position for our club?”  With your statement, you show confidence in her ability to accomplish this appointment and that is a great compliment to her.  She feels good about herself and feels positive towards you.  Notice that I also put in the commitment question: Can I count on you?  Always get the commitment when you are asking for someone to assume a responsibility.

Second, volunteers deserve praise.  All Rotarians are volunteers.  They choose to give their time and energy to promote Service Above Self.  If you are the president of your club or a committee chair, you need to give lavish praise to those who help to make your club vibrant.  There is no reward for Service Above Self besides the good feeling about one’s self for doing good in the world and the admiration, appreciation, and respect shown by fellow Rotarians who see the good work.

For example, president, if your Fund Raising Chair comes up with a brand new idea to generate thousands more dollars for your club to use for charitable projects, praise that Rotarian.  Fund Raising Chair, as your committee works hard to make the new idea for fund raising a reality, praise each one of those Rotarians on your committee.

The key, however, is to give more than a thank you.  For example, your committee chair has just completed a project that had been worked on diligently for months.  Say something like, “Congratulations, John, all that work you poured into that service project certainly has paid off for our club and those who received our service.  If anyone could make it happen, I knew it was you.  What a great job!”  Your admiration and appreciation of a job well done is the reward for that Rotarian volunteer.

Remember that volunteers get no reward for their service besides the appreciation they receive from others and their own good feelings about themselves when they do good for others in the world.  So choose to be unafraid to ask a fellow Rotarian to volunteer because good feelings come from volunteerism.  After the project is accomplished, choose to give lavish praise since your respect and admiration is a valued reward.  Good leaders always show gratitude.


A Bulletin for Rotary Clubs and Districts in the USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands What follows is not tax advice, but general information, which may be useful. Questions regarding any tax matters need to be referred to local counsel, your tax adviser or to the IRS. ( or 1-800-829-1040)


  • District Simplified Grants committee reviews applications: August 27, 2011
  • GSE Team Leader applications due: September 1, 2011
  • District Simplified Grants award announcement: September 2, 2011
  • Youth Exchange Inbound First Orientation: September 9-11, 2011
  • Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team from District 2120 in Italy arrives in St. Louis: September 25, 2011
  • GSE Team Member applications deadline: October 1, 2011
  • Youth Exchange preliminary applications for 2012-2013 due: October 15, 2011
  • District Conference in Jefferson City: October 21-22
  • The Rotary Foundation Banquet: November 11, 2011
  • Youth Exchange full applications for 2011-2012 due: November 11, 2011
  • Youth Exchange Inbound Second Orientation: November 12-13, 2011
  • Form 990 for Rotary clubs due to IRS: November 15, 2011
  • Youth Exchange Outbound Interviews: November 19, 2011
  • November, hold Rotary Club officer elections for 2012-2012 in your club

District 6080 Conference
Rotary Reunion: A Capital Idea

Capitol Plaza Hotel
415 W. McCarty St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

The District Conference now called the Rotary Reunion is a gathering of Rotarians from around the district for fun, networking, and learning about the programs and service of Rotary. Participants will learn best practices for clubs to gain and retain members, will be involved on a district level service project, will tour the Supreme Court Building, will hear valuable knowledge about public image, and will have fun while meeting other Rotarians from around the district. Friday will focus on service and giving awards to those past presidents who worked hard during the 2010-2011 Rotary year. Saturday will focus on a formal introduction of our current presidents of 2011-2012, best practices for Rotary clubs, GSE team from Italy introduction and GSE team recap from Australia, and New Generations. Tours of the Capitol and the Missouri Penitentiary will be available. A Texas Holdem Tournament on Friday and a Trivia Night on Saturday to benefit Polio Plus and the District Panama Project will add fun to each evening. Come join your fellow Rotarians for a weekend of learning and celebrating the good that Rotary does around the world. Remember, you as a Rotarian are a part of making the world a better place. Shine brightly for when you shine, the world feels the light of your service.


Please consider a contribution to Rotary’s $200 Million challenge. To date Rotary has responded by Rotarian gifts of $173.2 million dollars. The Challenge will be completed on June 30, 2012. Your contribution through Rotary will help ensure that we do our part to successfully complete the Challenge to eradicate polio.

GSE Team Leader to Italy needed

Who would like to learn to speak Italian and for four weeks lead a GSE team to Italy in mid May? You could be our Rotarian GSE team leader. You will find an application on the Rotary District 6080 Website. GSE team leader applications are due September 1.

District Finance Committee Appointments Announced

A big thank you goes to two people who have agreed to be on the Finance Committee this year for the district. Those appointees are: Rob Unger who is a financial advisor from the Lake Ozark Rotary club and Ryan Cook who is a CPA and financial advisor from the Clinton Rotary club. I appreciate your service to our district.

Rotary Disaster Response Committee forms in Missouri

I would like to announce that the three districts in Missouri are creating a Disaster Response Committee that will develop a process by which Rotarians can best respond to disasters in Missouri. The appointee from district 6080 is Dr. Jon Hanson. Thank you, Jon, for giving Service Above Self to help in such a needed way. He will join Dr. Fred Hahn from District 6040 and Dick Sant from District 6060.