Branson Region Assistant Governor For 2012 Announced

Mark Pearce Announcements, District Governor

I am proud to announce that Shawn Pingleton of the Branson-Hollister Rotary Club has agreed to accept Assistant Governor responsibilities for five clubs in the Branson region beginning with the new Rotary year July 1, 2012. In addition to the Hollister and Nixa clubs that he currently oversees, Shawn will work with Branson Daybreakers, Branson-Hollister, and Table Rock Lake-Branson West clubs. He will also act as liaison for the College of the Ozarks Rotaract. Pingleton started his Rotary career with the Branson Daybreakers and for the past 12 years has been a member of Branson-Hollister club where he served as club president in 2005-06. He is a Sustaining Member and has been named Rotarian of the Year by his club. He also serves on the planning committee of the 2012 District Conference that will be held in Branson. Shawn likes hunting, fishing, golf and playing basketball…but not all at the same time. He sprains ankles that way. I feel very fortunate that someone of Shawn’s caliber and enthusiasm has agreed to take on this important role. Join me in welcoming him to this expanded position, effective July 1, 2012. Mark Pearce Governor 2012-13 Rotary District 6080

Help District Governor Elect Mark Pearce Spread Cheer from District 6080 to the Entire Rotary World

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Fellow Rotarians – As District Governor-Elect, my wife, Ann, and I will be representing District 6080 at the International Assembly in San Diego January 15-21, 2012. Over 500 other Governor-Elects from all over the world will be in attendance. One of the traditions of the Assembly is for spouses and friends to set-up a Cultural Exchange Contest table, in which participants can win small items representing Rotary communities from around the world. My wife has been asked to collect 40 items from throughout District 6080 that can be used as prizes. I ask for your help. If you have club members who produce or provide small items that would provide a glimpse of 6080’s cultural environment, I would appreciate it if you could package a few samples up and send it to us here in Warrensburg. We will then package the items for shipment to San Diego where they will be distributed to Rotarians from throughout the world. Items such as promotional ball caps, t-shirts, packaged spices, promotional key chains, localized Christmas ornaments (non-breakable, please), promotional water bottles, note pads, non-perishable packaged foods…you get the idea. Make sure they promote District 6080 entities in some way and that they are not too difficult to pack and ship. Send you items to: Mark Pearce Att: Rotary Cultural Exchange 174 SE 500 Road Warrensburg, MO. 64093 Thank you for helping to spread cheer from District 6080 to the entire Rotary world!

Choose to be the Light Rita Esterly, District Governor

Rita Esterly District Governor

Edith Wharton, a short story writer, stated: There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.  As most of you know by now, I end my District Governor’s Official Speech by challenging your club and you to be a shining light and to shine brightly because when you shine, the world feels the light of your service.  Light is synonymous with change. What do I mean when I ask you to shine?  And what does Edith mean by saying you can either be the candle or the mirror?   As leaders of your club whether you are the president or the membership chair or the program chair or the treasurer or the person asked to say the prayer at a meeting, you are a leader.  But what is the leader without followers?  If you start up the mountain and no one follows, are you a leader?  If someone else starts up the mountain and no one is following that person and you decide to follow and everyone then joins you, are you the leader? In order to be a leader, you must engender in others the motivation to follow you whether it is your idea or whether it is another person’s idea that you support.  Both take risk especially when it is a change in what you have always done.  Change is hard for people, but that does not mean it will not be good for your members and your club. So you can lead by doing …

August 2011 Newsletter

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Membership and Extension By: Kara Johnson, Assistant District Governor, Marshfield Club This month’s article is focused on Membership and Extension.  How does Rotary’s International Strategic Plan and District 6080’s annual goals fit into each individual club’s goals? A strong, solid and diverse membership helps us accomplish the goals set forth on both the International and District Level. All aspects of Rotary depend on our members.  Part of the Strategic Plan is to Support and Strengthen Clubs by fostering club innovation and flexibility; promoting membership diversity; improving member recruitment and retention; developing leaders; starting new, dynamic clubs; and encouraging strategic planning at club and district levels. Our district has two specific goals which help promote and meet the Rotary International Strategic Plan.  One of these goals is that every club will have at least 3 members attending the District Conference.  Another is that each club will implement a Club Trainer and Rotary Training Program to educate members about Rotary and to increase leader participation at the district level.  Developing solid members not only increases commitment and growth for each individual club, but also develops leaders to work with Rotary on a larger scale.  With involvement in District and International, we learn the tools needed for all our clubs to thrive.  One of Rotary International’s Best Practices for a Vibrant Club is keeping all members involved and informed.  We learn through experience and fellowship with each other. So what can your club do to grow your membership and expand more clubs?  Maybe your club will develop a …

Great Visit at Springfield Southeast Club

Rita Esterly District Governor

I stopped by the Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast’s Annual Shrimp Feed/Fireside Chat on Thursday, July 14. Not only was the shrimp gigantic, the ideas flowing from the Fireside Chat were enormous. What a great model for the success of a very large club. If Springfield Southeast Rotary was an arrow, it would hit the bull’s-eye. Your club is certainly on target with Rotary. [boxedtitle] Event Photos [/boxedtitle] [gall columns=”4″ per_page=”12″ id=””]

Humanitarian Service

Rita Esterly District Governor

The two part harmony of the topic for July focuses on our humanitarian service component of the mission of Rotary. Through our service projects we start with our own communities and then extend our reach by serving the world. How does this topic help us to grow as a vibrant club? Let’s look at the three components of the Rotary International Strategic plan and see how focusing on this topic in July can help us grow in these three areas. First, we can Strengthen our Club because when we engage in a project in our local community or in another country, we give our members something that is meaningful with which to participate and thus retain enthusiastic members. Because we need someone to lead the project, we develop leaders. As we work in the community, we are given the opportunity to interact with others so people know the service Rotary does and make connections by networking. Action: Choose one of the five avenues of service (club, vocational, community, international, new generations) and ask a group of new Rotarians from your club to develop a service project focused around that area. Second, when we work to build communities and bridge continents, we have the opportunity to increase Rotary’s Public Image. When stories of good works are published in the newspaper, broadcasted on radio, written on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, or shouted on blogs, we are letting like minded people know that we can give them the opportunity to serve if they join our Rotary group. Action: …

Choose to Embrace a New Belief

Rita Esterly District Governor

Kalyan Banerjee’s theme for 2011-2012 asks us to Reach Within to Embrace Humanity. Embracing means to welcome and take advantage of something eagerly like embracing an opportunity. The embrace I want to discuss is the one in which you adopt or take up something such as a new belief or way of doing things. When we believe something, we usually act on that belief. Let me explain. Your thought creates an avenue from which to act. When you believe that work should be done before play. When you believe that work should be done before play, you study before going to the movies or you do chores before you watch television. When you believe smoking causes lung cancer or breathing problems, you either never start smoking or you do your best to quit. When you believe that an education gives you better job opportunities, you go to college or take technical training. Your belief causes you to take action. A belief can begin to create of new way of doing things. Let’s take the smoking issue. When you want your life to be smoke free, you ask for seating in a non-smoking section of a restaurant. You ask guests in your home to please smoke outside. If in the past you went to places socially where smoke filled the room, you may start to choose to go to places where it is smoke free. If you smoked before and had a hard time exercising, you might take up exercising four times a week, starting slowly …

Polio Eradication

Rita Esterly District Governor

Please consider a contribution to Rotary’s $200 Million challenge.  To date Rotary has responded by Rotarian gifts of $173.2 million dollars.  The Challenge will be completed on June 30, 2012.  Your contribution through Rotary will help ensure that we do our part to successfully complete the Challenge to eradicate polio.