On the Verge of Historic Achievement

Mark Pearce District Governor

In the mid 1980s, Polio was virtually eliminated from the United States and several other “First World” nations; but the virus still infected an estimated 338,000 people annually, leaving death, disfigurement and permanent disability in its wake. It was about that time that Rotary International and individual Rotary clubs around the world took on the bold task of eliminating Polio from the face of the Earth.

General Polio Headlines – Week Ending 17 Oct. 2012

Mark Pearce Announcements, Polio Plus

Wild Poliovirus Weekly Update – World Health Organization Week Ending 17 October 2012 Total number of cases in 2011 YTD: 467 Total number of cases in 2012 YTD” 171 (includes 5 in non-endemic countries) General Polio Headlines – Week Ending 17 October 2012 World Polio Day is October 24. This is the first year that India has been excluded from the list of countries where polio is endemic. In the past year, since World Polio Day 2011, there have been 171 new cases of polio as opposed to 467 a year ago. Endemic Country Headlines – Week Ending 17 October 2012 Afghanistan: Four new cases – total for 2012 is 25. “National Immunization Days were held during 14-16 October. The launch of this campaign coincided with Global Handwashing day. Polio information was distributed to children at this time.” Nigeria: Four new cases – total for 2012 is 97. “A second-round immunization campaign, in response to the recent Taraba WPV4 case, is planned for 20-23 October.” Pakistan One new case – total for 2012 is 44. “In response to recent cases, mop-opus were conducted last week in key areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Punjab, targeting more than a milliaon children under the age of five years.”

Rotary International Service Award for Polio Eradication

Mark Pearce Announcements, District Governor

Do you know of a Rotarian who has committed themselves whole-heartedly to the effort to eradicate Polio? Doesn’t that person deserve special recognition for the extended and persistent effort they have made on this vitally important mission? As a Rotarian, this is your opportunity to seek such public recognition for that person. Rotary International is to soon present Service Awards for a Polio-Free World, and you can nominate a Rotarian you know to be so deserving. Here are the easy steps to take: Go to this web site and read about the award guidelines. Go to this web site and fill out the application form. Applications must be submitted by November 1, 2012, electronically to polioplus@rotary.org or faxed to (847) 556-2189. Any Rotarian can nominate any other Rotarian. Don’t let the Polio Avenger in your life go unnoticed. Your club, your community and your district will be proud should they be awarded this monumental honor. Mark Pearce Governor 2012-13


$20k DDF Available for Rotary District 6080 PolioPlus Contribution Program

Raymond Plue Announcements, Foundation

Rotary District 6080 has ~ $20,000 District Designated Funds (DDF) available for beneficial use in the polioplus program during 2012-2013. Checks for individual and club polioplus contributions should be made payable to ‘The Rotary Foundation’. Do not write ‘polio’ in the memo line or anywhere else on the check. Contributions received will be deposited in The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Annual Programs Fund (APF) while District 6080 will deposit an equal amount of $DDF into TRF PolioPlus Fund. Therefore the same amount of polio vaccine will be purchased while yet crediting the contributing individual with donor recognition for ‘Every Rotarian, Every Year; Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member; Paul Harris Fellow; Paul Harris Society. One-half or ~$10,000 DDF will be returned through the SHARE program to District 6080 in 2015 for funding District Simplified Grants (DSG), Matching Grants (MG), Scholarships, etc. Contribution checks should be submitted together with a completed ‘The Rotary Foundation Transmittal’ form found on DaCdb, Reports, 2.1. Mail to: Raymond E. Plue District Rotary Foundation Chair 2805 Butternut Ct. Columbia, MO 65201-3538. The program will continue until the $20,000 is exhausted after which polioplus contributions will be mailed directly to TRF PolioPlus Fund.