District Governor Newsletter 2020-21

August 2020 District Governor Newsletter

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The first month has been a wonderful experience meeting you during your club meetings, special programs, installation ceremonies, workshops, workgroups, committee meetings, and so much more. I had been looking forward to meeting with you in person, but for the safety of all concerned I had to limit myself to virtual and outdoor venues for at least the first six months of this Rotary year. While not ideal, the personal zoom experience has connected me in ways I never thought possible.

District Governor Newsletter

June 2020 District Governor Newsletter

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Can you believe it is almost the end of the Rotary year? Here is the final newsletter for Paul Reinert’s year as District Governor, with a message from him on how to end the year strong. And an invitation to attend (in person or virtually) the installation of our new District Governor, Jacque Howard, on June 30 (note this is a change in date from what was announced in the May newsletter).

District Governor Newsletter

July 2019 District Governor Newsletter

Paul Reinert District Governor, District Governor Newsletters

July was an intense month of 16 official club visits to clubs all around the district. It has been my pleasure to see the wonderful diversity of our clubs. Each has a different personality and priorities. The common bond though is the values of Rotary that bind all of us together to do good in the world. A consistent goal of each club is to find ways to connect . . . with their communities, with each other and with the Rotary world. It was clear to me everywhere I went that Rotarians in our district genuinely enjoy each other – Rotary fellowship is alive and well in Missouri. There are many fund raisers being planned, community projects being organized and connections being made to launch global projects through the Rotary network. Future updates will include reporting on the good that comes from all this work. Presentations to Rotary Clubs highlight the Fall Connection on November 9 in Warrensburg where we will celebrate awards and accomplishments from the last Rotary year and showcase projects and plans for this year. We will convene at 10am and wrap up by 3pm with luncheon served at University of Central Missouri. This is a great opportunity for connection and fellowship, and I hope all clubs in the district will be represented. Registration is available on dac.db. Next spring we will gather in Springfield at the Doubletree Conference Center for our district conference “The District Connects”. The committee has been at work for months on making this one of the …

RI Director Greg Yank

Springfield Rotary Centennial and District Governor Installation – June 28

Paul Reinert District Governor, District Governor Newsletters

What a great way to launch my service as District Governor. My thanks go out to the Centennial committee who worked diligently on every detail and did an outstanding job planning this wonderful event. We had 175 Rotarians and guests in attendance for a gala celebration at Hickory Hills Country Club! My good friend and Rotary International Director Greg Yank from O’Fallon Illinois officiated at my formal installation and did a great job. Greg and his wife Catherine traveled from their home in Illinois along with good Rotarian friends Lynn and Lanis Lenker to make it a very special and memorable event for me.