The Rotary Club of Springfield awarded Jordan Valley $109,402.77 towards the purchase of a new dental mobile unit, with contributions from members of several area Rotary Clubs.

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Rotary Club of Springfield President Tamera Jahnke and Past-President Dwayne Fulk, with Betsy Fogle, Jordan Valley director of Program Advancement and Dr. Nick Pfannenstiel, vice president of Oral Health Services at Jordan Valley. The Rotary Club of Springfield awarded Jordan Valley $109,402.77 towards the purchase of a new dental mobile unit, with contributions from members of several area Rotary Clubs. Jordan Valley Community Health Center can expand oral health care services to hundreds more children in 20+ schools in southwest Missouri with this recent addition of a second mobile dental unit. The mobile dental unit funding from the Rotary Club of Springfield was given in honor of its centennial celebration. The club was founded in 1919 and was the first Rotary Club in the Springfield area. There are now five Springfield Rotary Clubs and a Rotaract Club for young professionals. Rotarians chose to support the dental mobile unit funding as its centennial gift to reflect one of Rotary International’s primary concerns of child and maternal health care. “The addition of our new mobile unit allows us to provide vital oral health services to more children in the southwest Missouri region. We are so thankful for this opportunity to serve even more kids in a non-traditional way,” said Dr. Nick Pfannenstiel, vice president of Oral Health Services at Jordan Valley. Children, teens and adults live with dental pain every day because they don’t have access to care. It’s one of the leading reasons for hospital emergency room visits, missed school days, missed work, speech and eating difficulties, along …


RYE Student Letter

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The Rotary Club of Warrensburg recently received the attached letter from one of our past RYE students. I believe this letter embodies RYE better than anything I have ever heard. I also believe it epitomizes one of our reasons for existence as Rotarians.


Rotary Kids Week At Wonderland Camp – July 29 – August 2, 2019

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Our Rotary District 6080 Partnership with Wonderland Camp is expanding to include “Rotary Kids Week At Wonderland Camp”. Kids with disabilities, ages 7-17 will be sponsored by Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and private donors, to attend Camp “free of charge”. Sponsorships can include: full at $1,000.00, or partial with any amount appreciated. Specific kids can be named, sponsored and registered or sponsorship can be for any qualified kid to attend. Contact the coordinators to learn more about “Rotary Kids Week” and other opportunities of service to benefit people, especially kids, with mental and physical challenges.


The Rotary Club of Springfield will have a $12,000 impact on Eden Village

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The Rotary Club of Springfield will have a $12,000 impact on Eden Village in Springfield thanks to a $6,000 District Simplified Grant which the club matched this summer. The funds helped furnish the village’s community room that can be shared by all village residents and staff. Pictured above: Club President Dwayne Fulk, far right, and President-Elect Tamera Jahnke, presented the check to Eden Village's Dr. David Brown, second from right, and Nate Schlueter, far left.


6080 Rotary Clubs accepting the Proclamation from the City of Jefferson in recognition of “100 Years of Service”

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City of Jefferson Mayor Carrie Tergin, a member of Jefferson City Breakfast Rotary, presents a proclamation from the City of Jefferson to Rotarians in recognition of Jefferson City Rotary’s “100 Years of Service” to the community and internationally. The Rotary Club of Jefferson City was chartered June 1, 1918. Left to right are, front row, City of Jefferson Mayor Carrie Tergin, Pat Rowe Kerr and John Klob; second row, Nick Monaco, Frank Rycyk and Ken Hussey; back row, Cary Gampher, Ron Fitzwater, Steve Newman and Steve Crowell.

Joint RD 6080 and 4240 and Fundación Pro Niño's de Darién Panama Water Project - 2017

Joint RD 6080 and 4240 and Fundación Pro Niño’s de Darién Panama Water Project – 2017

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I am proud to inform you and your club that the Third Panama Project is underway. The process for this last project began 3 years ago when your club made a generous contribution as did 8 other clubs in the District and together we were able to raise $20,259.00. We applied for a global grant and together with RI and District 6080 we received a grant total of $71,259.00. AWESOME!


The Power 0f Rotary Partnerships – Wonderland Camp, A Camp for People with Special Needs

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The Warrensburg Noon Rotary Club and the Warrensburg Early Birds Rotary Club joined together as part of a 19 Rotary Club effort, with private donors and The Rotary Foundation, to form a Powerful Partnership to bring the Rotary Accessible Playground to Wonderland Camp.  Wonderland Camp is situated at The Lake of Ozarks and serves people from throughout the State, including Johnson County. This Partnership provided funding to establish:  the Tree Top Bridge, Merry Go Round, Climbing Wall, Wobbly Bridge, Musical Interactive Music Stand, Tree Climb, and Chamberlain’s Giant Swing.  Serving as the lead Rotary Club and recognizing their level of giving, the “Rotary Club of Warrensburg Climbing Wall” was so named. The Dedication activities, May 7th at Wonderland Camp, included a Work Day at Camp.  150 people including 100 Rotarians, planted flowers and trees, spread mulch around the new playground equipment, and witnessed a ribbon cutting ceremony at one of the playground’s new elements, Chamberlain’s Giant Swing.  Chamberlain’s Giant Swing is so named to recognize a special needs child, Chamberlain of Warrensburg, Missouri. Dedication remarks were heard from the president of Wonderland Camp Foundation Board, the past president of the Foundation Board, Rotary District Governor David Bixler, and Rotary Past District Governor and Chairman of the Project Jerry W. Franklin.  All commented on the collaborative efforts and partnerships that came together to make the Rotary Accessible Playground a reality. Franklin was quoted as saying “Special needs people can now enjoy additional playful and fun activities at Camp, that, but for the Power of this Rotary …

Dori Shirley, Sherry McCarthy and Bob Hansen mulch the playset area.

Fulton Rotary completes service project for CARDV

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FULTON, MO—The Rotary Club of Fulton put the finishing touches on its yearlong service project for the Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV) this week, mulching around the new playset purchased by the club and staining a new gate. The Rotary club contributed $3,600 raised during the 2015 Callaway Cup Mouse Races toward helping CARDV and these funds were matched by Rotary District 6080, resulting in a $7,200 contribution toward purchases for the domestic violence organization. The donation allowed Rotary to furnish two “advocacy” rooms, where victims of domestic violence meet with an advocate, identify needs, develop individualized actions to meet those needs, and create a safety plan; completed improvements to the backyard playground (purchased new equipment), patio, and fencing, creating a safer place for children to play outside while their parents are meeting with an advocate, counselor, and/or in a support group environment. Rotary had partners who helped with the project. The men’s basketball team from William Woods University and the youth group from Heartland Nazarene Church helped stain and repair the fence, stain the side porch, install the locking gate, and haul the old play equipment and other miscellaneous items to the curb for trash pick-up. The new Rotaract club at William Woods stained the new gate.


Rotarians fight hunger through month-long efforts

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Thirty-six Rotary clubs in District 6080 of Missouri recently battled each other in a month-long effort to fight hunger. Clubs in the northern part of the district competed against those in the south to see which region could do the most to reduce hunger and malnutrition. District 6080 comprises 49 Rotary Clubs and four Rotaract Clubs between St. Louis and Kansas City and south to the Arkansas state line. Altogether, 68 percent of the clubs participated, collecting 10,644 pounds of food, donating $18,553 and volunteering 1,463 hours for food pantries and similar organizations.