4th Quarter Preview / 3rd Quarter Review

John Adam Caran Announcements, Membership

As the Rotary year nears the finish line, I would be remiss if I didn’t look back…and look forward. I did just use the “I” word, let’s use the “we” word from this point forward. We are one big team, with one common cause…Service Above Self!

John Adam Caran – New District Membership Director

John Adam Caran Announcements, Membership

Happy New Year to everyone in our District…from Centralia to Mammoth Spring/Thayer, and from Warrensburg to Salem…and all clubs in between. Every time I mention those boundaries, I’m reminded of the significant responsibility our District shoulders. Rotary clubs are typically the go-to organization in our communities when it comes to helping our neighbors in need. Now, take that position and add it to the boundaries I just mentioned. This makes us the service clubs that communities far and wide look to for assistance and support. That is an amazing responsibility…one we should never take likely.

Rotary Awareness

Diana Hoemann Announcements, District Governor, Membership, Public Image

January is Rotary Awareness Month – a time to learn more about our organization, and a time to focus on our public image. Raising awareness of Rotary is an important part of what we do as clubs and members. The more Rotary is known for its good work, the more good work Rotary will be able to do. This is a special time not only to promote awareness of Rota-ry in our communities but it is also the time to highlight the need for awareness among the members of our Rotary Clubs – the need for Rotary information. In the celebration of Ro-tary Awareness Month, Rotary – its history, programs and structures – is ours to explore. There is no doubt that our Ro-tary Clubs will be greatly enhanced by increasing their knowledge about Rotary. It is essential that Rotarians be kept informed of the changes and developments in the array of Rotary programs if they are to take full advantage of the ser-vice and fellowship opportunities available to them. Celebrate Rotary Awareness Month by training members on Rotary history, programs, or how to raise awareness of your club’s projects in your community. Or, ask members to share a personal story or experience that they have had because of Rotary. Every Rotarian has a Rotary story that can be educa-tional and inspiring. One easy way to increase Rotary Awareness is to always wear your Rotary pin. You can then share the Rotary story when people ask about the pin you are wearing. The beginning of …


Denise Kinard Membership

MEMBERSHIP MOMENT Thought for the day:  When was the last time you invited a guest to your club?  Does your club do a membership survey?  Do you ask your members what they enjoy and offer them a chance to suggest speakers and service projects?  If so, please email your club survey to dos@trumanjeffersoncity.com.  Sign up today to attend the ROTARY REUNION in October.  I guarantee you will leave the reunion feeling proud to be a Rotarian!  GIVE THE GIFT OF MEMBERSHIP!  

Membership Development Files

Denise Kinard Membership

Below you can download a number of files, PowerPoint presentations compiled for your use on the subject of membership. click on the required file to download. 001This is Rotary_EN08.pdf Size: 6.3 MB 019 RI Catalog EN10.pdf Size: 4.8 MB 226B_Club Membership Committee Manual_EN09.pdf Size: 1.9 MB 242 District Membership Seminar PowerPoint Slides EN09.ppt Size: 1.3 MB 245 Club Leadership Plan_EN07.pdf Size: 1.9 MB 250 Leadership Development_ EN08.pdf Size: 1.6 MB 257 Effective Public Relations_EN07.pdf Size: 416 KB 414 New Member Orientation_EN08.pdf Size: 288 KB 416 Smaller Club Growth Award_EN07.pdf Size: 96 KB 242 District Membership Seminar Leaders Guide EN 09.pdf Size: 1.1 MB ~Membership Resources – CD Contents_1011_EN.pdf Size: 49 KB 419 What’s Rotary_EN08.pdf Size: 192 KB 421 Membership Development Initiatives DG Form_08.pdf Size: 160 KB 254 How to Propose a New Member EN09.pdf Size: 682 KB 595 Rotary Basics 10.pdf Size: 1.8 MB 605A Communities in Action_A Guide to Effective Projects.pdf Size: 2.7 MB 605B A Menu of Service Opportunities_EN06.pdf Size: 832 KB 417 Club Assessment Tools_08EN.pdf Size: 878 KB 613-614 Start with Rotary order form flier.pdf Size: 5.0 MB 640 RI Web Leads program_DG_EN08.pdf Size: 576 KB 641 RI Web Leads program_Clubs_ EN08.pdf Size: 576 KB 422 Membership Development Initiatives Club Form_08.pdf Size: 224 KB 901 MDEA Certificate program_EN08.pdf Size: 256 KB 417 Membership Development Resource Guide_EN08.pdf Size: 3.4 MB Membership Bubbles Logo.jpg Size: 32 KB 605C Community Assessment Tools_EN06.pdf Size: 704 KB Membership Resource List.pdf Size: 2.0 MB New Member Bulletin_EN10.pdf Size: 926 KB Reach One Keep One Membership Slogan.jpg Size: 35 KB 808 Organizing New Clubs_10.pdf Size: 2.2 MB RI Membership Staff Contact List 2010.pdf Size: 18 KB Spread the Word Poster EN272x420.pdf Size: 128 KB Spread the Word_Ad_full pageEN.pdf Size: 4.1 MB Membership Development Resource Catalog.pdf Size: 1.9 MB What You Need to Know About Rotary E Clubs_EN10.pdf Size: 143 KB 2009 to 2010 Year-end Membership Graphs.pdf Size: 128 KB Retention Resources Flyer_08EN.pdf Size: 444 KB Strategic_Planning_Guide_EN.pdf Size: 178 KB Download complete library

Give The Gift of Membership

Denise Kinard Membership

As we start a new Rotary year here are some thoughts: Who will you give the gift of membership to this year? Who will you invite to Rotary this year? How about a friend, co-worker or neighbor? I challenge each member to sign up a new Rotarian this year. If you would like to sign up for Membership updates and ideas please email dos@trumanjeffersoncity.com. GIVE THE GIFT OF MEMBERSHIP!