Foundation Banquet Special Auction Offer

Sherry Nielsen Foundation

Saturday April 20th, 2013 Past International President Ray Klinginsmith will host the highest bidder, along with a person of his or her choice, on a tour of the Council on Legislation chamber in Chicago, and Rotary International headquarters in Evanston, IL. The Rotary Board of Directors will be in a work session preparing for the opening of the Council the following day.



Sherry Nielsen Announcements, Foundation

Many of you may have seen Missouri’s own Ray Klinginsmith on the stage at the RI International Conventions in Los Angeles, Montreal, or New Orleans or at the International Assembly in San Diego, but this time you’ll have the opportunity to greet him, shake his hand, and maybe even get a picture taken with him, when you attend the District 6080 Foundation Banquet, November 17 at Country Club Resort in Lake Ozark.

An Exceptional Effort

Mark Pearce Announcements, District Governor, Foundation

Rotary District 6080 is a part of ZONE 31 that takes in all or parts of eight states – Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. There are many tremendous Rotary clubs in the “Heart of America” region, so it’s difficult for any one club to exhibit transcending accomplishment among the field; but one of our clubs has done just that. Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair and former International President Bill Boyd has written a letter of congratulations to the Springfield Southeast Rotary Club for its exceptional support to the Rotary Foundation in 2011-12. Not only was it exceptional…last year Springfield Southeast was the top giving club in Zone 31. Southeast contributed $39,538 to the Annual Program Fund (APF) and an additional $9,543 to other Foundation program accounts. Congratulations to 2011-12 club President Brent Baldwin and the scores of members who contributed to this outstanding campaign. You bring honor to your club, your community and your district; and most importantly, you help to make the world a better place. Thank you. Mark Pearce Governor 2012-13 Rotary District 6080

Sharon Jennings Named Chair, Paul Harris Society

Raymond Plue Announcements, Foundation

Rotarian Sharon Jennings has been named Chair, The Paul Harris Society of District 6080. Sharon is a member of the Rotary Club of Warrensburg Early-Bird, has 16 years perfect attendance and has served twice as president of the Rotary club. She has served many Rotary District roles including as District Secretary, Assistant Governor, GSE Chair, Paul Harris Society Chair and a member of the Show Me Rotary Leadership Institute Planning Council. Sharon is a Paul Harris Fellow and has arranged the awarding of the Paul Harris Fellow to her husband Larry, sons Ken (married to Kim) and Joe and to her two grandchildren, Brandon and Kambrie. Sharon is a Senior Career Development Coordinator for the University of Central Missouri. She has recently taken up golf in order to better commune with trees, sand and water.

District 6080 TRF Matching Points Program 2012-2013

Raymond Plue Foundation

District 6080 has made available 200 Foundation Recognition points for each new $800 contribution to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). The matching points program is available to the first 50 donors. To complete the transaction print Rotary Forms 123-EN and 102-EN from Form 123-EN: 1. Complete ‘Donor of Contribution’; 2. Complete ‘Designation /Purpose’, check Annual Fund – SHARE; 3. Complete ‘Contribution Details’, check or credit card; 4. Complete ‘Shipping Information’; 5. Complete ‘Individual Completing This Form’. Form 102-EN: 1. Complete ‘Recipient of Recognition’; 2. ‘Transfer Recognition Points’, leave blank, to be completed by District 6080; 3. ‘Shipping Information’, complete as before or leave blank; 4. Complete ‘Individual Completing This Form’. Mail both forms together with your check, if paying by check, to Raymond E. Plue, District Rotary Foundation Chair 2805 Butternut Ct. Columbia, MO 65201-3538.


$20k DDF Available for Rotary District 6080 PolioPlus Contribution Program

Raymond Plue Announcements, Foundation

Rotary District 6080 has ~ $20,000 District Designated Funds (DDF) available for beneficial use in the polioplus program during 2012-2013. Checks for individual and club polioplus contributions should be made payable to ‘The Rotary Foundation’. Do not write ‘polio’ in the memo line or anywhere else on the check. Contributions received will be deposited in The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Annual Programs Fund (APF) while District 6080 will deposit an equal amount of $DDF into TRF PolioPlus Fund. Therefore the same amount of polio vaccine will be purchased while yet crediting the contributing individual with donor recognition for ‘Every Rotarian, Every Year; Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member; Paul Harris Fellow; Paul Harris Society. One-half or ~$10,000 DDF will be returned through the SHARE program to District 6080 in 2015 for funding District Simplified Grants (DSG), Matching Grants (MG), Scholarships, etc. Contribution checks should be submitted together with a completed ‘The Rotary Foundation Transmittal’ form found on DaCdb, Reports, 2.1. Mail to: Raymond E. Plue District Rotary Foundation Chair 2805 Butternut Ct. Columbia, MO 65201-3538. The program will continue until the $20,000 is exhausted after which polioplus contributions will be mailed directly to TRF PolioPlus Fund.

Duane R. Sterling Appointed To Serve As The Rotary Foundation Awards Chair for FY 2012-2013

Mark Pearce Announcements, District Governor, Foundation

Rotarian Friends – I am pleased to announce that Duane R. Sterling from Warrensburg has agreed to accept the position of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Awards Chair for District 6080 beginning in FY 2012-13. In that position, Duane will be looking for Rotarians within the District who have performed exceptional, long-term service on behalf of the Rotary Foundation, and he will make recommendations for special TRF commendations for those found worthy of consideration. In writing down Duane’s Rotary vitae I wore three pencils down to their nubs. Suffice to say, he has had an extensive Rotary career, both professionally (as Rotary Foundation General Manager 1997-2003) and personally, in which among other things, he has served as Aide to RI President Ray Klinginsmith (2010-11), was on the Peace and Conflict Resolution Fellows Executive Committee and was the first chair of the Rotary Peace Symposium. (This is a much abridged version of Duane’s long and distinguished Rotary career.) I know Duane as a community member and family man who always includes his family in his thoughts and decisions. He and his wife Pat have made an exceptional Rotary team over the years, and I am proud to have him join the District 6080 leadership team. And if the past is prologue, we get Pat in the deal too. Mark Pearce Governor 2012-13 Rotary District 6080

Foundation Banquet Set For 11/11/11

Rita Esterly Announcements, District Governor

Have you ever thought of becoming a Benefactor, a Bequest Society member, a Paul Harris Society member, or a Major Donor, but was not quite sure what was required of you? Well, come to the 11-11-11 Party and Carl Chinnery (lovingly known as Dr. Seuss) will tell you all about how easy it is to become one. In fact, if you want to sign up that night, you will be invited to an Afterglow Party where there will be surprises and prizes. Come have fun with us that evening. Enjoya delicious dinner in an exquisite setting at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. Spend the night in one of the most elegant hotels in Missouri for a really good rate. What a date night this would be. Impress your spouse and celebrate the District that was number twoin Annual Fund givingand number three in Poliocontributions in our Zone. We have a lot to be proud about and we hope to do even better with the Permanent Fund at the Afterglow Party. Go to DaCdb right now and signup to join this great party. See you at theLake soon. Rita Rita Esterly, Ph.D. Rotary District 6080 Governor 2011-2012


Foundation Chair for District 6080 Appointed

Mark Pearce Announcements, District Governor

I am pleased to announce that Past District Governor Raymond Plue has agreed to serve as Foundation Chair for District 6080 for 2012-13 and for the following 3-year term. Those who attended the Zones 30 & 31 Conference in St. Louis know that District 6080 did extremely well in foundation giving during Raymond’s 2010-11 administration, and he has a real affection for the works of the Rotary Foundation. Those attending the Zone Conference might also forgive Raymond’s alter-ego, a persona that regularly compels him to dress in an all-white suit and unruly wig. I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Raymond to this important position, which begins July 1, 2012. Mark Pearce Governor 2012-13 Rotary District 6080

Polio Eradication

Rita Esterly District Governor

Please consider a contribution to Rotary’s $200 Million challenge.  To date Rotary has responded by Rotarian gifts of $173.2 million dollars.  The Challenge will be completed on June 30, 2012.  Your contribution through Rotary will help ensure that we do our part to successfully complete the Challenge to eradicate polio.