August 2018 District Governor Newsletter

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Let’s try this again😀 happy August this is Susan Haralson your district governor and it’s Rotary‘s membership and new club development month where is the worlds oldest and most important service organization with over 1.2 million members and 34,000 clubs spread throughout 200 countries where we provide clean water to those without it feed the hungry bottles crippling debilitating and disfiguring diseases polio and helps people learn to read and write so that they can compete in the modern workplace. Rotarians our business and professional leaders who aspire to the highest ethical standards in their jobs and who not only help those in need in their own communities but you also seek to advance the cause of peace understanding of goodwill worldwide your scholarship to use exchange and humanitarian projects my advice increase your membership and your clubs by using social media we have an amazing membership chair in Andrea Brady contact her if you have any questions or membership team will be training with some new New and innovative Ideas this month they will be contacting your club in some manner to see if you would like to learn more ways to attract good people to your club but remember make sure and invite people who live by the four-way test couple of other tips train your new members about Rotary ASAP the more they know about Rotary the less likely they’ll leave your club because Rotary was the first service organization and the best in the world as far as new club development if you find a community that needs a Rotary club just let me know I’ll make sure that one of our district leadership team checks it out to see what we can do together we see a world where people unite to take action across the globe in our communities and in ourselves so let’s start with ourselves. make it a great August and I’ll catch up with you what our district conference at downstream casino September 28-30 be sure and sign up on deck to be today I’m Susan Haralson your district governor for 6080 have a great month.