Gov Mike Parson Attends Bolivar Rotary Clubs Celebration of Freedom

Kathleen O'Dell Public Image

BOLIVAR, Mo. — Governor Mike Parson made a stop in his hometown of Bolivar Wednesday.

He attended the Bolivar Rotary Club’s Celebration of Freedom at Southwest Baptist University.

This is the 38th annual event, which included a Veterans’ recognition program featuring the Governor as a guest speaker, a military jet flyover, a community picnic and a fireworks extravaganza.

Todd Earl with the Bolivar Rotary Club says it’s wonderful to have a Governor who is still dedicated to the local community.

“We had him booked as Lieutenant Governor and when he became Governor, he still honored his commitments,” Earl said. “He still wanted to be part of the celebration of freedom. It’s great to have someone who remembers his roots and be part of something that is longstanding in the community.”