Greetings From District 6080 Governor Mark Pearce

Mark Pearce Announcements, District Governor


This being the first opportunity to address you as Governor of District 6080, I am tempted to say EVERYTHING that comes through my heart and to my mind. But time – especially your time – is precious, so I will keep it short.

You and I are very fortunate to be leaders within our communities and to be Rotarians. I think about that every day – especially on those days in which I meet with other Rotarians, or work collaboratively with them on a project. It is at those times I fully realize that “these are special people.”

YOU are special people.

YOU are a Rotarian.

Through the theme “Peace Through Service,” Rotary’s International President, Sakuji Tanaka, asks us to see our various works as a means of building peace within the world. Tanaka reminds us that, even by helping our neighbors, we are increasing the interaction, knowledge and trust between peoples that must precede a better understanding and peace. It is my contention that Rotary is one of the most effective institutions in the world to accomplish that, whether on a global basis or within our own local communities.

Through our attentions to literacy, sanitation, education, accessibility, nutrition, disease prevention, economic development, health care, understanding and human development – we ARE making a difference in this world – and, we are serving as a beacon for others to emulate.

The world is a better place because YOU are a Rotarian. You have my fullest respect and admiration.

Mark Pearce
Governor 2012-13
Rotary District 6080