Humanitarian Project In Panama Continues in 2012-13 Rotary Year

Mark Pearce Announcements, District Governor

Rotarians of District 6080 –

I am pleased to announce that I have decided to continue the District’s humanitarian project in Panama during the 2012-13 Rotary year. The Panama Project was launched last year under the encouragement and enthusiasm of Governor Rita Esterly, and it led to wide involvement by individual clubs and to very beneficial results. The fact that our Group Study Exchange is with District 4240 and will be comprised of a Panamanian team serves to reinforce the opportunities for the project in the coming year.

I realize that all of District 6080’s clubs are well-tasked with the many local and regional projects they conduct; but it is my expectation that each club will continue to find it a valuable and rewarding experience to be involved with an international project – and this one good way to start that process. Indeed, its multi-club projects like this one that will become the norm as Rotary moves into its “New Visions” administrative structure in 2013.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm, as Rotarians, to make the world a better place.

Mark Pearce
Governor 2012-13
Rotary District 6080
January 7, 2012