Italy D-2120 GSE Team

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Rotarian Jacqueline Howard had a Skype conference call with the team on the morning of 9/8/11 and had a great experience!  The team is very professional and friendly and they will be great ambassadors from their district.  While their English was broken, Jacqueline could understand them and they understood her with the help of each other with translation.  They were dressed in their GSE team uniforms and will be sending a picture so it can posted on the district website.  Here is a little bit about the team.

Team Leader:  Rotarian Sergio Sernia
58, married with two children, son 29yo attorney and daughter 25yo psychologist.  He and his wife just celebrated 31 years of marriage.  He is a manager of a telephone company and is interested in the fellowhip of Rotary, learning about our district and sharing service projects.  He likes all kinds of sports and if possible it would be great to take the team to a Mizzou game!

Team Member:  Giuseppe Lombardi
M, single, 29, Allergic to Cats, no food allergies.  Vocation:  Food technology, organic agriculture, producer of olive oil.

Team Member:  Alberto Argentiero
M, single, 26,  Vocation:  Biotechnology, he is attending a University and studying towards a medical profession.  He would like to meet professors in the medical and neurology fields and tour a University Medical Center.

Team Member:  Felice Leone (also known as “happy lion”) 
M, single, 33, Vocation: An agronomist and producer of olive oil.  His vocational interest is in the area of agriculutral related research.

Team Member:  Chiara Valente
F, single, 27, Vocation:  Winemaker.  She would like to see wineries and a vast array of agriculture and food production.

They all want to network, grow professionally and broaden their cultural and human life experience.

Recruitment for Team Leader and Team Members to Italy!

TL deadline Oct 1, TM deadline Nov 1.  Please share the downloads at your Rotary meetings and seek some great candidates to be ambassadors from our district!