January 2018 Rotary District 6080 Newsletter

Melvin Platt District Governor, District Governor Newsletters

Family Membership

Rotary clubs around the world are experimenting with club flexibility and membership types, but how does a club go about offering an alternative membership type? Before making changes, clubs should ask themselves questions like:

Why do we want to offer this new membership type?
How would our club benefit?
What membership issues do we expect it to address?

If a club wants to engage family members, then offering family memberships may be a strategy to consider.

District 5710 in Kansas has a provisional club almost entirely designed around family memberships. A parent is listed as the active Rotarian, but the annual fees cover participation for the entire family. Meetings are held on Sunday afternoons and children are invited to attend meetings, projects, etc. The club also appoints an unofficial leadership role to one of the children, which rotates between the kids over time, to help them build leadership and responsibility skills. At the start of the year, eight families were participating and interest is growing!

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