Local collaboration with Missouri Guard brings clean water to Panama

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District 6080 Rotarians –

You can be especially proud of your personal efforts to help poor and destitute populations in Panama over the past two years through the contribution of well-baby kits, water filtration systems, slightly used clothing and hand-driven mobility carts. During DG Rita Esterly’s administration, a committee was formed to launch a humanitarian project for that country. James Wieberg from the Jefferson City Breakfast club was named chair, and the project has continued with several waves of collection and commitment since.

To me, one of the most impressive things was that the Panama Project committee ALWAYS sought direction from Panamanian Rotarians as to what specific items and services we could provide that would best address the needs in that country. This one fundamental step has assured that District 6080 Rotarians have been working on a project that IS resulting in positive impacts. Thank you, Jim, for stratifying this project by incorporating that very important element.

A much welcomed by-product of the Panama initiative is the partnership it has helped to foster with both the U. S. Navy and the Missouri National Guard; and we now see evidence that both services honor the partnership as much as we do.

View the complete news release from the Missouri National Guard about your Panama initiative. Thank you Rita Esterly, thank you Jim Wieberg and thank you Rotarians for doing something outstanding and positive in this world. You are an example.

Mark Pearce
Governor 2012-13
Rotary District 6080