May 19th Club Leadership Retreat

Mark Pearce Announcements, District Governor, Training

So what do you get out of the May 19th Club Leadership Retreat?

I know you feel a lot has been placed on your shoulders recently.  That’s why we’ve developed the agenda we have for the May 19th club Leadership Retreat coming up next weekend.  We want you to have the opportunity to activate other members of your club in order to make your’s a VERY successful Rotary year.

  • The Presidential Citation is Rotary International’s way of setting the tone for Rotary Service all over the world.  Your club can be a part of that global effort AND, at the same time, it can be used as a tool to activate new members of your club.
  • District 6080 launches a new membership strategy in which Community Action is the coin of the realm. And when people join your club in order to serve – well, you’re assured that they are the kind of members you want to have.
  • Clubs tend to succeed when there is a clear leadership succession plan.  Your club trainers can learn to help you to establish that plan, which will lead to greater cooperation and task sharing within your club.
  • New initiatives within Rotary’s Community Service area of service.  Your local projects get new attention and respect!

Go to DACdb (District And Club database, for those of you who are uninitiated – ), and press the calendar tab.  It will take you to a page where you register for the retreat and you can go ahead and pay your $15 participation fee.

IF YOU CANNOT SEEM TO USE DACdb, then just e-mail me back and let me know who is coming from your club and you can pay the $15-per person fee at the door.  Lunch will be provided.

Here are the details:

The American Legion Building in Warrensburg, Missouri

Cost per participant:
$15.00, which includes meal and refreshments.

9:00 am until 3:00 pm.  Check-in begins at 8:15 am

Due to area high school graduations, Warrensburg hotels are at virtual capacity.  I’d suggest contacting a hotel in the nearby Sedalia or Clinton communities.

  • Bring your club trainer.
  • Bring your membership chair.
  • Bring your community service chair.
  • Bring ANY club member who can spread the enthusiasm of the mission throughout your club.
The more Rotarians you bring, the more exciting plans you will hatch on the car ride back home.
See you there!

Mark Pearce
Governor 2012-13
Rotary District 6080