November 2016 Rotary District 6080 Newsletter

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From the Governor’s Desk

November is Foundation month and our Foundation is about to celebrate its 100-year anniversary. What an amazing tool we have at our finger tips. With all of us contributing a few hundred dollars a year, we can truly make the world a better place.

I personally don’t have the resources to send a Vocational Training Team half way around the world or the $40,000 it takes to fund a scholarship or even the money to save families who are living off the garbage piles in Ethiopia. With the Foundation, I can not only do one of those projects, I can even be a part of them all at the same time in the same year.

When you see a need and you want to help, you don’t have to walk on by because you don’t have the resources. You have the Foundation behind you. So dream big, follow your heart, and know that all of us together have your back. A little bit from all of us every year is all it takes.

Where else can you turn $10,000 into $35,000? Just as an example, if your club or group of clubs can raise $10,000 for a project, that $10,000 is matched by the District with funds from the Foundation dollar for dollar so your $10,000 just became $20,000. Then the Foundation will match the money from the District dollar for dollar so $20,000 becomes $30,000. But we’re not done yet. The Founda-tion will then match the clubs original $10,000 .$50 cents on the dollar so $30,000 then becomes $35,000.

Locally, in our District, money comes back to the clubs from the Foundation to do local projects based on the amount of money a club contributed to the Foundation three years ago. For example, a club that contributed $12,000 to the Foundation 3 years ago would be eligible to receive approxi-mately $3,000 as a matching grant.

The club picks a $6,000 project and if it matches up with one of the six areas of focus and is approved, then the club simply matches the $3,000 from the Foundation with $3,000 from the club and the locally community gets a $6,000 project.
Help us make the world a better place by supporting the Foundation this month.

David Bixler