Panama Project Smiles

Rita Esterly Announcements, District Governor

Good evening to all…

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Today was a great day. We flew to one of the San Blas islands on the Atlantic coast of Panama, about 50 minutes by twin-prop plane. We brought with us one of the PET cars and a few baby well kits, as this was also a the site of another Rotary project in progress.

Our first PET beneficiary was named Demetio, he is 63 and had suffered Polio as a young man. He makes his living making straw hats and bowls. His mobility was restricted by an old wheelchair and the pebble/sand street of his home island narrow streets. Words are not enough to describe the joy and happiness of this man ( therefore I’m attaching some photos ) as he transit the streets of Playon Chico island. Dozens of children, women and men came out of their houses to find out what was all the commotion on the street, only to find Demetio going back and forward with his new mobility and freedom. This was simple wonderful.

We also delivered a few baby well kits, all of them received with much gratitude, as these items are very scarce and expensive in these inaccessible areas of Panama. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to serve today…..more to come soon.

Yours in Rotary,