Membership Development Files

Denise Kinard Membership

Below you can download a number of files, PowerPoint presentations compiled for your use on the subject of membership. click on the required file to download. 001This is Rotary_EN08.pdf Size: 6.3 MB 019 RI Catalog EN10.pdf Size: 4.8 MB 226B_Club Membership Committee Manual_EN09.pdf Size: 1.9 MB 242 District Membership Seminar PowerPoint Slides EN09.ppt Size: 1.3 MB 245 Club Leadership Plan_EN07.pdf Size: 1.9 MB 250 Leadership Development_ EN08.pdf Size: 1.6 MB 257 Effective Public Relations_EN07.pdf Size: 416 KB 414 New Member Orientation_EN08.pdf Size: 288 KB 416 Smaller Club Growth Award_EN07.pdf Size: 96 KB 242 District Membership Seminar Leaders Guide EN 09.pdf Size: 1.1 MB ~Membership Resources – CD Contents_1011_EN.pdf Size: 49 KB 419 What’s Rotary_EN08.pdf Size: 192 KB 421 Membership Development Initiatives DG Form_08.pdf Size: 160 KB 254 How to Propose a New Member EN09.pdf Size: 682 KB 595 Rotary Basics 10.pdf Size: 1.8 MB 605A Communities in Action_A Guide to Effective Projects.pdf Size: 2.7 MB 605B A Menu of Service Opportunities_EN06.pdf Size: 832 KB 417 Club Assessment Tools_08EN.pdf Size: 878 KB 613-614 Start with Rotary order form flier.pdf Size: 5.0 MB 640 RI Web Leads program_DG_EN08.pdf Size: 576 KB 641 RI Web Leads program_Clubs_ EN08.pdf Size: 576 KB 422 Membership Development Initiatives Club Form_08.pdf Size: 224 KB 901 MDEA Certificate program_EN08.pdf Size: 256 KB 417 Membership Development Resource Guide_EN08.pdf Size: 3.4 MB Membership Bubbles Logo.jpg Size: 32 KB 605C Community Assessment Tools_EN06.pdf Size: 704 KB Membership Resource List.pdf Size: 2.0 MB New Member Bulletin_EN10.pdf Size: 926 KB Reach One Keep One Membership Slogan.jpg Size: 35 KB 808 Organizing New Clubs_10.pdf Size: 2.2 MB RI Membership Staff Contact List 2010.pdf Size: 18 KB Spread the Word Poster EN272x420.pdf Size: 128 KB Spread the Word_Ad_full pageEN.pdf Size: 4.1 MB Membership Development Resource Catalog.pdf Size: 1.9 MB What You Need to Know About Rotary E Clubs_EN10.pdf Size: 143 KB 2009 to 2010 Year-end Membership Graphs.pdf Size: 128 KB Retention Resources Flyer_08EN.pdf Size: 444 KB Strategic_Planning_Guide_EN.pdf Size: 178 KB Download complete library