Vocational Service by Bart Schulte

Bart Schulte Club Support

Some of us may not have been around on February 23, 1905, but the first Rotary meeting took place on that date when four Chicago businessmen got together to network.  That’s right, network.  The original constitution had 3 objectives: promotion of business interest, promotion of good fellowship, and the advancement of the best interest of the community.

From the beginning Rotary has been about fostering business relationships.  Membership in Rotary is based on professional classification, which helps to ensure a diverse group.  Rotary’s four way test (Is it the Truth?  Is it Fair to all concerned?  Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?  Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?) not only provides direction on how we act towards others but is a guideline for upholding the high ethical standards of the Rotarian’s profession.

October is Vocational Service Month.  Why not give your club members five minutes at your next meeting to give a “classification talk”?  This will allow the club to learn more about the professions represented in the group.  Who knows, a fellow member may come up with a new idea to serve Rotary and the community.  Another great way to use your profession is to sponsor a career day for young people or conduct a workshop that would help others learn more about your profession.  Rotary began when four professionals “rotated” offices for meetings.  You may want to have your club members “rotate” to other places of business for a workplace tour.

You are your profession in Rotary, let others know that Rotary is part of your profession.  Remember, you not only represent your business in Rotary, but you represent Rotary in your business.