An Open Letter To All District 6080 Rotarians

Jerry Franklin Announcements

(My Fault)

By now, you should have received the spoken or written word about the MILLION DOLLAR DINNER Program to benefit The Rotary Foundation. The purpose of the MILLION DOLLAR DINNER Program is to create a new awareness about The Rotary Foundation and to raise new, extraordinary funds to benefit The Rotary Foundation and allow Rotary to continue doing good around the world and at home.

The “buy in” for attendance and recognition at the MILLION DOLLAR DINNER is $10,000.00 in cash or marketable securities and/or pledge through your will or estate trust.

Apparently, this has created much confusion among Rotarians and the question, “ If I cannot give at the $10,000.00 level, am I shut out from giving to The Rotary Foundation this Rotary year”. The answer is, not only no but H_ _ _ _ no. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding and failure to communicate.

The MILLION DOLLAR DINNER, to be held later this year, is another level of recognition for giving at this time, for those that choose to participate, Rotarians and non Rotarians alike.

Other FAQS

Q If I choose to participate in the MDD, Do I still get the other recognitions?

A Yes, all other recognitions are given: Multiple Paul Harris, Major Donor, Bequest Society.

Q Can I choose to direct my $10,000.00 or more?

A Yes, your cash donation can go as you direct to: Annual Fund, Polio Plus, Peace Scholars, or Health & Hunger Programs. Bequest Society pledges, when redeemed, go to Permanent Fund or your designated area.

Q Can I mix or match my giving to equal $10,000.00 or more between cash and pledge?

A Yes, but if your total giving to date in cash does not equal $10,000.00 or more, you have not qualified under Major Donor but do qualify as a MDD participant. Same is true for pledges. They must equal $10,000.00 or more, over time, to qualify at the Bequest Society level for recognition. To be clear, any amount you choose to give to The Rotary Foundation is welcomed and accepted with grateful thanks.

Q Can a Rotary Club contribute $10,000.00 or more cash and qualify for the MDD?

A Yes, the club may designate two attendees and the club will be recognized. The individual donors will be recognized as usual.

Q How do I get started?

A If you are interested in contributing to The Rotary Foundation, the paper work is as always. You may go on line and use your credit card. If your club provides, you may be billed quarterly. If you wish to send a check directly to The Rotary Foundation, you may do so. In all cases, your club president or foundation chair will need a copy of the paper work and can assist you.

If you wish to participate in the MILLION DOLLAR DINNER, the paper work and proof of payment or Bequest Pledge must be sent to Raymond Plue, District Foundation Chair, on or before November 1, 2014.

I hope I have answered your questions. If I have not, you may reach me at 660 238 9854 or or show up on my door step at 1409 Charleston Court, Warrensburg, MO 64093.

The Rotary Foundation, Rotary and Rotarians make a positive difference. You Light Up Rotary.

PDG Jerry W. Franklin
Million Dollar Dinner