Rotary Awareness

Diana Hoemann Announcements, District Governor, Membership, Public Image

January is Rotary Awareness Month – a time to learn more about our organization, and a time to focus on our public image. Raising awareness of Rotary is an important part of what we do as clubs and members. The more Rotary is known for its good work, the more good work Rotary will be able to do.

This is a special time not only to promote awareness of Rota-ry in our communities but it is also the time to highlight the need for awareness among the members of our Rotary Clubs – the need for Rotary information. In the celebration of Ro-tary Awareness Month, Rotary – its history, programs and structures – is ours to explore. There is no doubt that our Ro-tary Clubs will be greatly enhanced by increasing their knowledge about Rotary. It is essential that Rotarians be kept informed of the changes and developments in the array of Rotary programs if they are to take full advantage of the ser-vice and fellowship opportunities available to them.
Celebrate Rotary Awareness Month by training members on Rotary history, programs, or how to raise awareness of your club’s projects in your community. Or, ask members to share a personal story or experience that they have had because of Rotary. Every Rotarian has a Rotary story that can be educa-tional and inspiring. One easy way to increase Rotary Awareness is to always wear your Rotary pin. You can then share the Rotary story when people ask about the pin you are wearing. The beginning of a new year is a good opportunity to renew inspiration for the rest of the Rotary year.