Council on Legislation to meet late April

Sherry Nielsen Announcements

sherry-neilsenBy District 6080 Delegate Sherry Nielsen

As the District Delegate I want to remind you that the Council will be meeting in Chicago April 21 – 26, 2013.  The Council on Legislation, sometimes referred to as Rotary’s Parliament, meets every three years.  Each of Rotary’s 532 Districts is represented by a single delegate.  As a Past District Governor I was selected to serve and PDG Jim McLoud is my alternate should I not be able to attend.

We will be considering over 180 proposals submitted by clubs, Districts and the Rotary International Board.  You can be assured I will be making decisions based on my understanding of the opinions of our District.  Among the legislative proposals, which were submitted before the December 31 , 2011 deadline, are these:

Increase RI dues by $1 per year per member for three consecutive years, starting 2014-15.  The increase would raise $1.2 million a year.

Provide for flexibility on when the International Assembly should be held (Proposed by our District 6080 at the request of Past International President Ray Klinginsmith)

Several proposals to revise attendance requirements.  One would allow clubs to establish their own requirements, including allowing participation in service projects and similar events to count toward the attendance requirement.  Another allows for attendance by live audio-video connection, etc.

Authorize the Board of Directors to change the district boundaries of district s with more than 100 clubs and to adjust the boundaries of adjacent districts.

Youth Exchange proposals to limit the age to 17 and limit participation to Rotary family members only. (Opposed by our District YE committee)

To provide for Satellite meetings of a club.

Establish a Council of Past Governors in each district to consider matters referred by the District Governor and to give advice to the DG.

All of the Legislative proposals can be found on the RI Website,  If you have comments or suggestions concerning any proposal, please send them to me at  I am honored and pleased to represent District 6080 at the 2013 Council.