District 6040 Friendship Exchange to Dominican Republic Missouri Rotarians Invited To Apply

Mark Pearce Announcements

Adjacent Rotary District, 6040, is putting together a Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) to the Dominican Republic and they have extended an invitation to Rotarians in our district.

6040 PDG Dan Hall has indicated that in addition to the fun and fellowship experienced by Rotarians traveling on a RFE trip, participants will learn about potential humanitarian projects that clubs could help facilitate in the future.

Below is more detailed information in consideration of the project and how you can apply. More information can be obtained directly from Dan Hall.

Dan Hall, Immediate Past Governor
Rotary International District 6040

And tell him Mark Pearce sent you.

Go On A Rotary Friendship Exchange to the Caribbean

You are invited to become part of the Rotary District 6040 Friendship Exchange (RFE) with Rotarians in the Dominican Republic. This RFE will depart on February 1, 2013 and return on February 15, 2013. Couples are welcome so long as one is a Rotarian. Individual Rotarians are also welcome.

The Dominican Republic has beautiful beaches on the south shore and lush jungle and coffee plantations in the high mountains where also rare gems are mined. Average temperatures will be 68 low to 82 high. Why not escape Missouri’s cold, snow and ice for two weeks in February?

In the Dominican Republic you will stay free in the homes of Dominican Rotarians who also provide your meals, but, you pay for your own airline tickets (RT on Delta $650). Group tours of points of interest are arranged by local Rotarians. It is the VERY BEST way to travel and see a country and make lifelong friends. The trip takes 6 ½ hours and arrives in Santo Domingo at 2:35 in the afternoon. With only two time zone changes the trip is less exhausting than travel to Europe or Asia.

Under Rotary’s Future Vision direction, Rotary clubs and districts will be focused on sustainable humanitarian and literacy projects. We will meet with over 25 clubs at a one day conference where Dominican projects are on display. This RFE will serve a dual purpose of forming new friendships and possible humanitarian service.

For your RFE application contact Dan Hall at <danhall6040@att.net>

Below are answers to questions about this February 2013Dominican/USA Rotary Friendship Exchange.

Questions Answered About Going On A Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE): 

1.     How much will it cost, me to fly round trip from Kansas City to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and back to Kansas City? Advance tickets on Delta Airlines run around $650 dollars R.T. The trip, with an Atlanta stop over, takes 6 ½ hours and arrives in Santo Domingo at 2:35 in the afternoon. With only two time zone changes the trip is less exhausting than travel to Europe or Asia.

2.     Why travel in early February, 2013? Our plan of sending our 6040 delegation to the Dominican Republic on February 1 so they can attend the annual “Project Fair” on Saturday Feb. 2 where twenty five Rotary Clubs display and discuss potential service projects with us. Our RFE delegation will return on February 15, 2013. 

3.     What are the food and lodging arrangements when on a Rotary Friendship Exchange? Rotarians traveling on a Friendship Exchange pay for their own airline costs but Dominican ground travel, food and lodging is provided free to the visiting 6040 Rotary guests. Likewise, when a RFE delegation, from District 4060, travels to our Missouri, Dist. 6040 then we home hosts are responsible for local travel arrangements, food and lodging for our Dominican guests. Normally, for the best cultural experience, Rotarians will stay in the homes of fellow Rotarians when visiting each other’s Districts. 

4.      If I go on this RFE, will I be responsible for home hosting when the other

Dominican Republic team visits here in Missouri? Yes, that is part of the
“deal” and it is probably the most fun part of this type of travel. 

5.      How many people make up a Rotary Friendship Exchange?  A normal size RFE delegation is about a 12 to 15 persons. Delegations are usually made up of couples and   individual Rotarians. Couples must include one Rotary member.

6.      How is a RFE different from being a tourist? The host district Rotarians will make arrangements for the delegation to visit points of interest in each community visited. RFE guests see more important sites in a country plus enjoy being a tourist.

7.       What is the weather like in Santo Domingo in February?  Santo Domingo has a tropical climate which sees warm and humid weather year round. Temperatures vary little and seasons are defined mainly by rainfall. Santo Domingo lies on the Dominican Republic ’s south coast. Average temperatures in February are 66 low and 76/86 high with an average of 5 days of rain and a sea temperature of 79 degrees (F).  

8.      What is the weather like in Northern Missouri in early February? Kansas City’s average February low is 23 °F and high is 43 °F. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Missouri was −40 °F set at Warsaw on 13 February 1905. The winter season typically yields significant amounts of winter precipitation. Snowfall averages 20 inches, northwest winds prevail. (Now where would you rather be in February…. on a Caribbean Island with friendly Rotarians or freezing in Northern Missouri?) 

9.      Want more information on this Rotary Friendship Exchange? Contact Immediate Past District Governor, Dan Hall danhall6040@att.net

10.  Ready now to explore the Dominican Republic? An application for this Rotary Friendship Exchange is available from danhall6040@att.net .

Dan Hall
District 6040 Immediate Past District Governor