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If You Are Not Criticized, You May Not Be Doing Much

What a great line to remember if you are a leader breaking away from the buffalo herd! In the South, there are creatures called Blue Crabs. Let’s say you catch a bunch of Blue Crabs, and you put them in a bucket. You can walk away, leave your bucket, and you don’t have to worry about any of the crabs escaping, because when one of those crabs gets up to the top of the bucket rim, another crab pulls it back in the bucket.

Now, if you are brave enough to try something different or new as a leader, some other folks will try to pull you back in that bucket. Because that’s just the way things are around here! Who do you think you are, after all, to try something different? Pull, pull, and pull down into the bucket.

Well, my friend, don’t let those crabs keep you from escaping the status quo bucket. You need to fight that criticism by continuing to innovate and lead. Follow your good judgment. Anytime you try to do anything new or different, someone somewhere is going to criticize. It could be someone whose imagination and initiative have withered, or maybe it’s just a sourpuss who is the local critic-in-residence. Or it could be a competitor who has a little dash of fear you are going to take some market share away. It’s a scarcity mentality, and it’s fear.

On the other hand, if there’s an abundance of good will, people will be glad you are making change for the better and succeeding in your work. Unfortunately, it’s a rarity to find proactive thinking such as this. I’m relatively sure you and I will always be criticized because we will always be climbing out of the bucket!

Used by permission. Tony Richards, Clear Vision Development Group, 20 E. Southampton Drive, Suite 101, Columbia, MO

Melvin Platt, District Governor
Rotary District 6080

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