Rotary License Plates

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We are regularly reminded to enhance the public image of Rotary through the use of electronic media, print media, and social media.  One less-considered way to raise awareness about Rotary is through special Rotary license plates for cars and motorcycles.  Did you know that the MO Department of Revenue has already approved special Rotary license plates, and that 30 Rotarians have already purchased Rotary plates?  There are approximately 7,500 Rotarians in the combined three Rotary districts in Missouri, not to mention 100 or more in the southwest corner belonging to District 6110.  If one-fourth of those Rotarians, assuming one car for each, were to purchase Rotary license plates, then about 1,800 Rotary plates would be seen on Missouri’s streets and highways.  What better way to publicize Rotary!

The approved design of the Rotary license plate contains the Rotary wheel on the left and the words “Service Above Self” at the bottom.  Each purchaser of Rotary plates for cars will have space for six characters of his or her choosing (provided someone else has not already chosen them) or five letters or numbers plus one space, dash, or apostrophe.

The cost is an extra $15 beyond the standard $15 for a regular plate or renewal sticker.  Click on to find additional information about specialty plates.  The only other requirement is that each Rotarian wishing to buy plates will need to ask the club secretary to complete a form entitled Emblem Use Authorization Statement affirming that the buyer has recently given at least $25 to Rotary.  Please see below for forms needed and additional information.  The Department of Revenue has a webpage designed to show whether the desired six characters on your license plate are available and not already claimed by someone else.  To check your preferred six letters and/or numbers, click on  and follow the instructions.

If you decided to become a Rotary Rolling Ambassador, then you will need to take action soon.  Since all specialty license plates are issued in July and a two-month advance purchase is required before that time, all applications should be submitted before May 1.  If your current license plates will remain current until October, for example, then you will receive credit for the unused portion of your current plates toward your first year of Rotary plates.