January 2015 Rotary District 6080 Newsletter

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Yes, this Rotary year is half over already. There is much to be done so don’t let up.

The Presidential Citation is due in three months.

What your gift to The Rotary Foundation supports

A gift of $100 helps provide a sewing machine that can teach entrepreneurs the skills they need to launch a business. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people — children, families, and entire communities — benefit from projects funded by The Rotary Foundation. Have you made your gift to the Foundation this year?


161A major breakthrough against polio

Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative are approaching a significant milestone: the eradication of type 3 wild poliovirus. The last case of polio caused by the type 3 virus was reported in Yobe, Nigeria, on 10 November 2012.

Springfield Metro Rotary Club Service Projects

Springfield Metro partnered with Mercy Hospital Springfield and Convoy of Hope to deliver over $200,000 of medical supplies and equipment to the Ebola response in Liberia. They have also delivered 220 water filters to Haiti and 40 to three El Salvador villages. These are just 3 of their 19 Service Projects this year.

What is YOUR club doing?

Let me know so it can be shared with the other clubs in our district.

JANUARY is Rotary Awareness Month

Promote Rotary in your area.
Invite someone to your meeting.

Continue to work on the Presidential Citation, District 6080 Goals, District 6080 Governor’s Citation and The Rotary Foundation Goals, but remember to HAVE FUN.


Go to DaCdb for information about District 6080 – its officers, committee chairs, clubs, members and calendar.

Go to rotary6080.org and www.facebook.com/rotary6080 to find out what is happening in District 6080.

Go to www.rotary.org and use the Search Box to get answers to most Rotary questions.


Dick Mazanec
Rotary District 6080 Secretary