June 2017 Rotary District 6080 Newsletter

David Bixler District Governor, District Governor Newsletters

Notes from the Governor

It is with a tremendous amount of emotion that I write my last Governor notes. I feel a bit like a marathon runner who has been on a record pace, but only by seconds. The finish line is so close there is nothing left in reserve and yet finishing the race at this record pace is the difference between success and failure. This has been the experience of a lifetime. Being Governor has shaped my life in ways that I have yet to even appreciate, and I owe all of you a debt of gratitude. I have had the privilege of seeing things and gaining perspective that only a few have been afforded.

I wish I had the words to give you the perspective that I have been afforded by serving you this year. It is truly humbling to see how many of you tirelessly go about the work of Rotary while people like me go around and take the bows for all your hard work. Words can’t express how grateful I am for your service and your generosity. Please know that what you are doing matters. If the world is going to be a better place tomorrow, it will be because you made that happen.

I am so proud to be part of a District that doesn’t just excel in the local mission of Rotary, you are making a huge difference in the international mission of Rotary as well. So much so that we have run out of money to do global grants. We now have global grants that are waiting to be funded. However, there is more good news, we are on the verge of a record breaking year for Foundation and Polio Plus giving, but only if we finish strong. The ability to fund all our local and global grants with Foundation dollars is hanging in the balance. It’s all coming down to the last few days of the year. Let’s finish this year like we started it. “Let’s do this.”

David Bixler