Panama Chumicosa

Mark Pearce Announcements, Public Image

Rotarian James Weiberg received these pictures of an installation of 15 more water filters in the mountains 4 hours from Panama City done on Saturday the 18th of January. This is a school and community center with no potable water. 6080 Rotarians worked along side several Rotarians and 5 members of the local Rotaract Club. You can see the excitement and joy of the community members who worked along side of us. These systems will be monitored by the Rotaract members. We will be kept informed along the way. We met on Friday with the US ambassador to Panama who must approve all humanitarian aid from the US coming into Panama and he pledged his support as the did the local National Guard contingent, the People to People folks who also met with us, their support was for future projects if we so choose. We also have engaged the Peace Corp volunteers in country, 200 strong to indicate who are the most needy and who could benefit the most from the services we might offer. We met on Thursday with the District Governor of District 4240 and had lunch with him who endorsed our partnership with the District.