Rotary Youth Exchange Program 2012-2013 & A Look to the New RYE Year

Amy Jammeh Rotary Youth Exchange

Amy Jammeh, Rotary Youth Exchange District Inbound Program Director

This Rotary year we had a wonderful addition to our District—16 high school exchange students from a variety of countries and cultures!!! Each one of these individuals brought a new and unique dimension to our District, Rotary clubs, and local communities, all through the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) Program. This district and club-sponsored program enables youth ages 15-17 to live and study for 11 months in another country in order to promote Rotary’s goal of furthering international goodwill and understanding. Not only did our district host 16 students from diverse places such as Brazil, Switzerland, Turkey, France, Peru, Ecuador, Japan, Belgium, and Colombia, many American students are now returning to our District who had the opportunity to be Rotary Youth Exchange ambassadors in another country. Please welcome them when they arrive—I’m sure they will want to share their exchange adventures with you!!!

Although this RYE year is coming to an end, we are anxiously waiting for the upcoming year—we have a great group of students coming to our District and another amazing group leaving on a new adventure in another country. We are hoping for another successful year, but we need your help. Here are some ways that you can get involved:

Inbound RYE Program

  • Host an Inbound Student
    • Bring the world to your home!!! Each of the students in our District are home hosted for three months throughout the year. Hosting a Rotary Exchange Student begins with having the desire open your heart and home to a teenager from another culture and the willingness to undertake the responsibility of helping him/her learn about our culture. As a reward for your involvement, you will be adding a member to your family and, at the same time, learning about the student and his/her country.
  • Befriend an Inbound Student
    • Most of the students are eager to immerse themselves in the exchange experience. Spending time with one of these students could enrich your perspective of another country while having fun!!! Invite them to a baseball game, or to get ice cream, or any other activity you enjoy—it will be worth it!!!
  • Volunteer at a RYE event
    • There are many orientations and events throughout the year for the inbound student. Come and volunteer and meet great students from around the world. Also, learn more about the RYE program firsthand. It would be our pleasure to have you join the group.

Outbound RYE Program

  • Consider sponsoring an Outbound Student
    • Applications for the 2013-2014 Outbound RYE program can be found here. We have lots of amazing students right here in our District that would be great ambassadors of the USA, Missouri, our District and community.
  • Promote the Outbound RYE program at club meetings, schools, church group, etc.
    • This is a worthwhile opportunity for students to gain a global perspective. Spreading the word about this program will hopefully allow for more qualified applicants and further Rotary’s ideals of international understanding and goodwill.

A BIG THANKS for a fantastic RYE year, and I’m looking forward to another successful year ahead. For more information about the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, email:

Inbound and Outbound Rotary Youth Exchange Students – 2013-2014