District 6080 is well represented in the Youth Exchange program!

Kit Freudenberg Announcements

This year, we have 16 Inbound students living across the District and enjoying their new American experiences with their Rotary club members, YEOs and counselors, host families, and schools and communities. We also have 15 Outbound students who are living in Japan, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Peru.

The District RYE Committee has just finished selecting 13 high school students to be Ambassadors for our District in the 2013-2014 academic year. It was very, very competitive this year with more applicants than outbound spots. And I thank the students for many the selection process tough this year as it means more students wish to take advantage of this exchange opportunity.

For all of you who make this possible, I thank you on behalf of the many students who have gone abroad and come here for this incredible year of a lifetime.

Kit Freudenberg
Rotary Youth Exchange Program Chair
District 6080