Laurie-Sunrise Beach launches an Interclub Visit program

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Lake area Rotarian Charles Niemann

Lake area Rotarian Charles Niemann

Lake area Rotarian Charles Niemann spent twenty-five years of his life in the state of California, and while there he was active in Kiwanis. Niemann discovered that his Kiwanian club mates developed a great deal of knowledge and satisfaction from their membership due to the regular practice of making visits to nearby clubs. Taking advantage of a good idea, Charles encouraged a number of his Laurie-Sunrise Beach Rotary club mates to join with him in visiting Rotary clubs around the Lake region.

The group made its first visit to the Camdenton Rotary Club on February 20th and March 5th they visited the Lake Ozark Rotary Club. Eight more interclub visits are planned.

Charles says there is a lot that can be learned from visiting neighboring clubs, and he suggests planning the visit on a day when the club is conducting regular business so you can get an idea of what the club is all about.

If you have someone in your club who would like to organize an interclub visit initiative contact Charles Niemann at for some pointers.
“Howdy Neighbor!”