The Rwanda Project

Raymond Plue Foundation

Surgeons making a total of 25 medicos.

All the people who have offered themselves for being part of the mission have now been seen by PDG Ranjit Bhatia and he will be in direct communication with them in order to get closer to the finalization.

It is expected that majority of the surgeons and doctors will be from India but we will first give chance to those who are eligible, qualified and have due experience from countries other than India. We have already offers from various parts of the world including U.S.A., U.K., and some countries in Africa. It looks like to be a truly international team in the formative stage.

We have worked out the tentative project cost based on 500 surgeries during ten days. Fortunately cost is coming out to be less than what was earlier anticipated and hopefully we may be able to manage within US$ 150,000. I am hoping that we will get support of The Rotary Foundation to the extent of US$ 65,000 – 70,000. The rest we will have to manage ourselves.

The Govt. of Rwanda will be bearing the cost for hotel accommodation, meals and local transportation for the team. This is also bringing down the cost.

From India I am hoping to mobilize US$25,000. The rest I hope we will be able to manage between you and me and our other friends. But we must start working on it now.

These surgeries will give some relief to the scars of the Machete War which occurred in Rawanda 10 years ago. The surgery camp is scheduled for 5 – 15 May 2013. District 6080 will match personal and/or club donations dollar for dollar with district DDF. Please contact Raymond E. Plue, District Rotary Foundation Chair at 573.449.4387 or at

Thank you in advance for making a magnificent change in someone’s life whom you may never meet.

Best wishes,

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